AOC’s brother, Gabriel, fields life questions and advice on Instagram

Maybe they should call him Dear Gabby.

The brother of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gabriel “Gabe” Ocasio-Cortez, has become a modest social media star by dispensing online advice to his 12,000 followers.

The younger Ocasio-Cortez, 28, tends to focus on relationship troubles and his domain is a “zero judgment zone,” he tells fans.

“My [girlfriend] was raped before we started dating. She won’t do any[thing] sexual with me w/o crying. Advice?” asked one.

“It sounds like she’s working on it with you and through you,” the Yorktown Heights resident replied. “Respect boundaries, make her feel safe. If you can’t go on like this, you have to respect yourself and find what’s appropriate for you.”

Another poster said a friend initiated a drunken romantic tryst despite already having a boyfriend.

“You didn’t do anything wrong and it’s my personal belief that you are not obligated to right his wrong by informing his partner,” wrote Ocasio-Cortez, a real estate agent by trade. “Most likely if you want to keep the friendship, you’re going to have to decide to either fully forget it or fully discuss it.”

One gay follower bemoaned a boyfriend who refused to tell his parents about them.

“Sounds like he’s closeted and if he’s not then I would want answers,” Ocasio-Cortez, who is also gay, counseled. “Don’t be afraid to listen to ‘Lemonade’,” he added, referencing the Beyoncé album.

There’s also lighter fare, like bar recommendations (he’s a fan of Balboa’s in Brooklyn); and personal reveals, like how many languages he can speak (English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese), and how he advocates for the deaf, as he revealed on Twitter, because he’s battled his own “single-sided deafness & tinnitus.”

The fame that came with his sister’s election also upended his life. The FBI told him to avoid opening his mail for fear of mail bombs, he told Interview Magazine last December. And in one Instagram post he revealed he had been the victim of a “stalking incident.”

Like his sister, he’s not afraid to get political. His posts show he is supporting Dianne Morales’ long-shot progressive run for mayor, and he’s previously donated $100 to Nomiki Konst’s failed 2019 campaign for Public Advocate.

Gabriel Ocasio-Cortez holds a degree from Long Island University in “Art Psychotherapy,” according to his LinkedIn, though he doesn’t appear to have any formal therapeutic training. He currently sells real estate in lower Westchester County.

He declined to offer comment to The Post, but the pros were less than impressed with the online therapy.

“Overall, he oversimplifies and pontificates freely based on very little information,” Beth Wechsler, a psychotherapist and social worker, told The Post. “If you want real help with a serious life problem, you don’t sum it up in one sentence and put it on Instagram.”

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