‘Absolute legend’ driver confesses his wife thinks he’s cheating on tram speaker

A tram driver has had passengers in tears after taking to the tannoy to claim his wife thinks he's “having an affair”.

Video footage posted on Twitter shows Manchester Metrolink passenger Zack Hallam laughing as the male driver's voice can be heard telling a life story.

The driver, called an “absolute legend” by the Twitter poster, said: “All of a sudden I've become extremely friendly to everyone.

“I used to be a right miserable sod, and now I talk to my neighbours – they're in complete shock.

“But it's not all fun and games.

“Because I was a grumpy old fella, and my personality has changed completely – you won't believe this when I tell you – but my wife thinks I'm having an affair.

“I just can't believe it.”

The journey took place early this morning.

He was driving the 3040 Metrolink train, on the 7.31am journey from Bury, Greater Manchester.

Zack added: “(The driver is) keeping everyone smiling with his friendly PA messages.

“Think he made everyone’s journey a bit better today.”

And Manchester Metrolink agreed, as they tweeted that the driver “loves a story time”.

They said: “Thanks for your kind comments Zack.

“I'll get this passed onto our team.

“Have a lovely day!”

And social media users loved it, too.

Debbie Doo posted: “He's brilliant, have heard him when I've travelled on the tram.”
And Jim Cannon tweeted: “This driver is a legend.

“Love it when he’s on the Eccles line.

“Although he does need to stop the Jigsaw joke and get some new material.”

It's not all fun and games on the Metrolink, however, as the Manchester Evening News reported that, earlier this week, police issued a special order notice at the Radcliffe stop after a gang of yobs abused police officers and Metrolink staff at the stop on Sunday night.

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