Zero Chill: Mac star Dakota Taylor opens up about ice-skating blunders ‘Quite a spill’

Zero Chill: Netflix release trailer for teen drama

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Zero Chill is releasing today on Netflix for all ice-skating fans to binge. The show follows 15-year-old Kayla (played by Grace Beedie) who is forced to leave her home in Canada and move to England when her twin brother Mac (Dakota Taylor) get the chance to train at a prestigious ice hockey academy. While looking for a new partner to figure-skate with, Kayla meets Sky (Jade Ma) who is also trying to find her place on the ice again. 

In an exclusive interview with, Dakota talked about how the cast trained for their ice-skating roles and what blunders then fell into on the ice. 

“Oh, man, yeah, we definitely bonded over the fact that none of us were in quite as good shape as we thought we were,” said the actor. 

“And it all kind of humbled us and brought us back down to earth when we’d come into training on either the third or fourth day and we were all stiff as a board and we realised ‘Oh man, we have our work cut out for us’,” he added. 

“So that was a lot of fun,” said the actor who said he had been ice-skating since the age of two. 

Dakota then went on to recall a funny anecdote from their training: “I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this one. I know there’s a video somewhere and I’m sure it’ll come up.

“I can speak for most of the hockey players, I think the figure skaters are exempt from this, but pretty much all of us boys have stepped on the ice with our guards on our blades, at least once and we have all taken quite a spill. 

“Now I think in terms of a video of that existing I think it’s just me and I’m sure that will find its way out eventually. But yes, I have hit the ice at least twice with guards on the skates and taken in a nice spill and everyone’s been there to see it,” he said. 

His co-star Jade also chimed in to recall the moment: “I remember so clearly it was during the first week of training with our figure skating coach David and our other coach Kelly. 

“The rest of the hockey boys hadn’t joined yet, so Kody [Dakota] was training with us. We were all kind of getting ready and he has just stepped on the ice to come join us. 

“My back was to him, so I didn’t see it happen, but it was really loud, like, crash! And I was like ‘Oh, no’ and our coach David skated straight over with his phone out to take a photo,” described the actress. 

“Yeah, he was mid-conversation and he just dropped everything he was doing and made his way over to me,” continued Dakota.

“The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was just him over top with his phone,” he laughed. 

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On-screen the pair play the show’s main couple who eventually get together towards the end of the show. 

After binging the show, fans are sure to want to know what will happen with them after the season ends, and the actors have teased what future they would like for their characters. 

While in this season Mac was focused mostly on his own success and “starts out a little self-centred”, Dakota would like for his character to explore new relationships. 

“It would be something very interesting now that Mac is not just thinking about himself and now that he is learning to work as part of a team, be that with Sky, be that with his sister, be that with his actual hockey team, to see his collaboration with the people around him and him accepting help when he needs it,” the actor said. 

“So I think it’d be really interesting to see where Mac can go from now, accepting those around him and not thinking that he has to do it all alone,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Jade’s hopes for Sky also involve Mac: “I think it’d be really nice to see a little bit more of Mac and Sky’s relationship because it’s touched on a few times, but it would be nice to see that develop.

“They have a really healthy relationship for teenagers especially and I think that for young people watching the show, it would be really nice to have that kind of healthy and wholesome relationship as a role model to look up to and aspire to in their own relationships.

“I feel like on TV there’s a lot of unhealthy or toxic relationships out there and I think that having that as a model to look up to for younger kids is really nice,” shared the actress. 

Zero Chill is available to stream on Netflix from March 15.

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