You have got a pact! Madeley skewers Starmer over Labour-Lib Dem alliance: Backed off!

GMB: Keir Starmer grilled on accused Labour-Lib Dem pact

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On May 5, voters will flock to their local ballot boxes to pledge their votes for local MPs in this year’s local elections. With the likes of Labour and the Liberal Democrats hoping to topple Conservative seats across the country, Sir Keir Starmer spoke with Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain to lay out his party’s plans for the future if elected. However, he was soon left on the spot when Madeley quizzed a possible alliance with the Lib Dems.

“Something else that’s on the here and now and this is this electoral pact which is widely suspected and reported that you’ve done with the Liberal Democrats,” Madeley said as he began his line of questioning.

He went on: “You’ve had a letter, haven’t you, from Oliver Dowden, the co-chairman of the Conservative party, accusing you of this pact? 

“He says in this letter, ‘I note that in the south-west,’ this is to you, ‘you are standing candidates in 61 per cent of seats compared to 97 per cent in 2018’, and he suggests Lib Dems are returning the favour in northern England.

“And if you look at the figures, they do seem to speak for themselves,” Madeley sternly added.

“And the story that they’re telling is this – you’ve done a deal with the Liberals.

“You’ve basically said, ‘Where you’re more likely to do well in a constituency tomorrow, we’ll back off and vice versa’.

“And the figures seem to underline that,” Madeley added before plainly putting to the Labour leader: “You have done a pact with them, haven’t you?”

But Starmer tried to rubbish the claims as he replied: “No, we haven’t.

“And we are actually standing more candidates in this election than in any other party (and) more than we’ve stood for many years…” Starmer went on before Madeley cut in.

The GMB host quizzed: “But you’re not fighting hard in seats where the Lib Dems are expected to do well, are you?

“You’ve backed off,” Madeley added but Starmer repeated: “We haven’t got a pact with the Lib Dems.”


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