Wolfe star Babou Ceesay couldnt come down from manic scenes

Wolfe: Trailer for new detective show on Sky Max

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Wolfe is the Sky Original series focusing on the grisly life of a genius forensic scientist as he unlocks the secrets of some brutal crimes while battling his own personal demons. Operating both as a hard drama and dark comedy, the show balances both aspects to tell a compelling and surprising tale. Express.co.uk spoke to the stars of the show to discuss the creative process behind it.

Wolfe is the new forensic drama-comedy bringing together a stellar cast and unique style.

Following the title character, Professor Wolfe Kinteh (played by Babou Ceesay), he is one of the UK’s top crime investigators.

An accepted genius in his field, his dedication to his job has cost him his personal life, past relationship, and a chance at moving forward.

Things are only getting worse for Wolfe, as his ex-wife Val Kintah (Natalia Tena) is continually distracting him from his work.

Struggling to balance both sides of his life, Wolfe is becoming increasingly unreliable, causing his work to slide as a result.

The premise is intense but balanced out by an injection of comedy throughout thanks to writer and creator Paul Abbott of Shameless fame.

Express.co.uk recently spoke to Babou Ceesay and the rest of the main cast to discuss what it was like behind the scenes.

Ceesay explained that due to the disruption of filming caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the bulk of the scenes filmed at Val’s home were actually filmed in a week and a half.

Some of the scenes filmed were so intense for the star that he struggled to detach himself from the filming.

Ceesay explained: “I remember going home from [filming] and not being able to come down from it.

“Until four in the morning I was wide awake, and that really surprised me, I didn’t expect it to have that impact on me.”

Ceesay then explained how he found a way to help him come down after filming, with the key being music.

“This was luckily within the first 10 days of shooting,” Ceesay explained, “I thought I need a system for coming down from the more manic scenes.

“What I do is listen to music and dance around my apartment, I even play a bit of solitaire!”

It is unsurprising Ceesay struggled to detach himself from the filming, as the series immediately chucks viewers in the deep end of the show.

Within the first few scenes of the series, the audience will see an intense home break-in sequence followed by a gruesome murder scene.

Luckily, the show has balanced out the intensity with a lot of humour, something showrunner Paul Abbott has become known for with shows such as Shameless and No Offense.

Ceesay explained how humour was necessary due to the seriousness of the plot and because of the work that is done in real life.

“We spoke to a real forensic expert,” Ceesay added, “he explained to us that part of what the job entails is so dark that actually, if you don’t have a sense of humour, you can go in on yourself.

“You can actually be unable to perform your job anymore, so [the humour] is part of the DNA of the show.”

Wolfe is a six-part series, with all six episodes becoming available to watch from Friday, September 10.

Joining Ceesay in the cast is Amanda Abbington, Natalia Tena, Adam Long, Naomi Yang, Talitha Wing, Shaniqua Okwok, and Christine Tremarco.

Wolfe will be available to watch on Sky Max and NOW from Friday, September 10.

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