With Lovecraft Country Canceled at HBO, Misha Green Teases Her Big Season 2 Pitch

Despite strong reviews and Emmy nominations on the horizon, HBO confirmed late Friday, July 2, that the network would not be renewing “Lovecraft Country” for Season 2.

“We will not be moving forward with a second season of ‘Lovecraft Country,’” HBO confirmed in a statement. “We are grateful for the dedication and artistry of the gifted cast and crew, and to Misha Green, who crafted this groundbreaking series. And to the fans, thank you for joining us on this journey.”

Given how long it took for the news to break (“Lovecraft Country” aired its finale in October 2020), the cancellation isn’t a complete surprise, though it also wasn’t a sure thing. On one hand, the first season covered most of the source material in Matt Ruff’s novel of the same name, while featuring multiple deaths of significant characters.

“Lovecraft Country” focused on Atticus Black (Jonathan Majors), who embarks on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. In Season 1, he was joined by Leti (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance), but [spoiler alert] Atticus and Uncle George did not survive Season 1. The fantasy-horror series is filled with magic, so the characters could have returned despite their apparent demise, but if not, HBO may have been less interested in a follow-up season without two of its top-billed stars.

Still, unlike other one-and-done book adaptations like “Big Little Lies,” “Lovecraft Country” was always intended to continue, as evidenced by the multiple storylines left open in the finale, multiple interviews about plans for a second season, and one tweet sent out by showrunner Misha Green post-cancellation, teasing a sweeping expansion.

Featuring a screenshot of the Season 2 Bible, the writing near the top states that Season 2 “begins in a new world, and that the new world is a country that sits precisely where The United States used to sit — welcome to the ‘Sovereign States of America.’”

Beneath, there’s a map showing a map of the U.S. divided into new regions, including the Tribal Nations of the West, the Whitelands, the New Negro Republic, and the Jefferson Commonwealth.

The new season would’ve included a subtitle, making it “Lovecraft Country: Supremacy.”

No other details have yet to emerge, nor is it clear if the series could be revived at another network. The visual effects and period setting make it a costly show to produce, and it’s unclear how long the existing cast will remain under contract. Emmy nominations will be announced Tuesday, July 13. “Lovecraft Country” received continued support during voting season, including an official FYC event at the Television Academy in mid-May.

“Lovecraft Country” is streaming now on HBO Max.

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