Whoopi Goldberg forces The View to go off air after row

The View: Whoopi Goldberg rants about books 'teaching CRT'

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Whoopi Goldberg was joined by her fellow co-hosts Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines to discuss Critical Race Theory. However, as the sensitive discussion became heated, CBS producers began playing the show’s theme tune to force The View to go off-air for an ad break.

As the women discussed current events, they got on the topic of Ron DeSantis, the current Governor of Florida. 

The politician recently made headlines for his controversial decision to block a course on African American Studies from the state’s public schools. 

Discussing his choice, Whoopi stated: “I’m not sure it’s an off-ramp it really has to do …”

Before she could finish her sentence, Sara chimed: “It’s the lesser of evils, do you want Donald Trump or DeSantis?”

Whoopi hit back: “Well no because you’ve got a lot of racism going on and a little bit of insanity.”

As Sara probed: “On which one?” Whoopi answered: “Both of them.”

The conversation became heated after Alyssa Farah Griffin, gave her unpopular opinion and shared: “That’s the thing, you don’t get Trump by being Trump-like

“Which I think is a miscalculation, because people think Ron DeSantis (is) the apparent, I don’t think he is.”

Alyssa explained: “I keep eyes on someone like Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Glenn Younkin, the purple state Governor.”

However, Sunny highlighted: “But Glenn Younkin is also telling people that you can’t talk about African American history and Transgender.

“But he would never go as far as DeSantis, as far as the AP African American history, that was conflating it with CRT which I think is something you can have a conversation about Critical Race Theory and it was not that.”

The Hollywood actress didn’t hold back as she launched a tirade into the Critical Race Theory discussion. 

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Whoopi ranted: “I wish somebody would show me a book. 

“Show me the school book, that everybody is talking about that is teaching CRT.”

She continued: “I want to see the one that they’re doing with the little kids.

“I want to see that book, I’m demanding it now because I’m tired of it.”

As Whoopi added her opinion music began fading up, which indicated that the conversation needed to come to a close so producers could cut to the ad break.

However, the host spoke over the music and continued her furious rant. 

Whoopi stated: “That book that you think your kids have been learning from is a book about what has happened in our country.

“The more you try to avoid things that have already happened, we are going to be facing it again.”

Before anyone else could add to the conversation, Whoopi shut down the discussion for the commercial break as she added: “We’ll be right back.“

The View airs weekdays on CBS in the USA.

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