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HOLLYOAKS has confirmed a full time role for Ki Griffin, who plays Ripley Lennox, after the character appeared briefly on the soap before lockdown.

But who else is joining the Channel 4 cast?

Ki Griffin will be taking on a full time role in the Channel 4 cast this month

Ki Griffin (Ripley Lennox) – arriving

Hollyoaks has confirmed a full time role for actor Ki Griffin, a friend of Tom Cunningham’s who appeared briefly earlier this year.

Ki plays Ripley Lennox, who will be working at a second-hand clothes store at Cunningham’s Grand Bazaar.

Actor Ki identifies as non-binary and their character will strike up a friendship with other teens in the village including Peri Lomax, Yasmine Maalik, Romeo Quinn and Tom Cunningham.

PC George Kiss (Callum Kerr) – arriving

Hollyoaks cast Scottish actor Callum Kerr as the new policeman George Kiss who arrived in the village at the start of 2020.

George was brought onto the scene as the officer investigating county lines after Nancy ended up getting stabbed at Hollyoaks High during a fight. 

Viewers have watched Sid Sumner’s cousin Jordan slowly infiltrate the school with his drug trade as part of the storyline.

Verity Hutchinson (Eva O’Hara) – arriving

Tony Hutchinson’s long-lost dad Edward arrived in the village last year and turned out to be a villain as he did his best to get his claws into Diane whilst Tony was imprisoned and tortured by unhinged Breda. 

The Hutchinson clan then expanded when Tony’s half-sister Verity arrived on scene. 

The high-powered lawyer from London is played by newcomer Eva O’Hara, who previously revealed that Verity is going to work against her father Edward.

Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) – arriving

The Deverauxs were left in complete shock last week when their estranged father Felix WestWood waltzed into the village earlier this year. 

Troublesome Toby and Celeste had lured him into the village under the pretence that Martine wanted to reconnect, but it became clear pretty quickly that she was far from pleased to see him.

Felix is played by actor Richard Blackwood who left EastEnders in 2018 – where he played Vincent Hubbard – when the soap failed to renew his contract. 

Nathan Sussex (Buster Smith) – returning

Hollyoaks has confirmed that Buster Smith will be returning to Hollyoaks this month as Nathan Sussex reprises his role.

The evil football coach was sentenced to prison for six years at the start of 2019 for grooming and abusing teenager Ollie Morgan.

Buster was also on trial for abusing Brody when he was a kid, but his case was thrown out of court after Damon lied on the stand.

A trailer revealed in July revealed that poor Brody will come face to face with his abuser Buster again later this year.

Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) – returning

Last year Ste Hay became embroiled in a controversial radicalisation storyline that eventually led to his exit. 

But in real life Kieran Richardson was departing from the soap for a breath of fresh air after 13 years playing Ste in Hollyoaks. 

Kieran landed a role in the stage version of Kay Mellor’s crime drama Band of Gold. 

And with Band of Gold’s tour having come to an end in spring 2020 we can expect Kieran to return to Hollyoaks shortly after.  

Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin) – returning

Cleo made a swift exit after discovering boyfriend Mitchell Deveraux was more interested in dating Scott Drinkwell’s drag ego Anita. 

When Cleo interrogated Mitchell, he admitted he was cheating on her and eventually told her he was closeted.

Nadine Mulkerrin left the soap to have a baby and is expected to return from maternity leave at some point later on in 2020.riple

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