Who is Bill Burr's wife Nia Renee Hill?

BILL Burr may be an in-demand comedian and actor, but behind closed doors he likes to enjoy life with his wife Nia Renee Hill.

In March 2021, Nia hit back at a tweet that suggested her husband was "racist" for marrying a black woman.

Who is Bill Burr's wife Nia Renee Hill?

Nia Renee Hill was born on June 2, 1978, and is 42 years old.

She is an actress, writer, producer and director who is known for her work in Lila, Long Distance and Did You Look For Work This Week?

In 2017 she starred in Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet.

You can follow her on Instagram at @niasalterego.

How long have Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill been married?

After dating for many years, the couple married in September 2013.

Bill has often referenced his wife and their marriage in his stand-up performances.

Nia also regularly appears on Bill's popular Monday Morning podcast.

On March 15, 2021, Nia hit back at a Twitter user who suggested the couple’s marriage was a “sign of racism” because he is white and she is black.

The tweet read: “While I’m not suggesting Bill Burr is a racist, a white man having a non-white wife can sometimes be a sign of racism.

“So you shouldn’t assume someone isn’t racist just because they own a minority sex servant. They may very well have one because they’re racist.”

But Nia tweeted back: "“Bitch, shut the f*** up."

Do Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill have children?

The couple share two children together.

Lola was born in January 2017 and their son arrived in the summer of 2020 – although they haven't revealed his name.

In June 2020, Nia shared a sweet selfie cradling her newborn baby, paired with the caption: "Mama’s here. Always."

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel about his wife and kids, Bill said: "She gave me a beautiful baby boy, so I got a daughter and a son now, and it's awesome.

 "And then fortunately, he emotionally seems to be wired like my wife.. so he's like totally chill. He just kind of cries when he's hungry."

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