White Lotus star Molly Shannon reveals her mom, sister and cousin died in drunk driving crash when she was just 4

WHITE Lotus star Molly Shannon revealed that her mom, sister and cousin died in a drunk driving crash when she was just four-years-old.

The Saturday Night Live alum previously opened up about the incident while announcing her upcoming book, Hello, Molly!

During a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Molly, 56, talked about the heartbreaking story and what she went through as a toddler.

"I was very heartbroken and very sad and just trying to hold it all together as a kid," Molly told the publication.

"There's no way that you could feel that type of deep pain about your mother and your sister being dead, so you just hold it all in, and it comes up later in life."

The actress revealed that her father – who was under the influence – was driving the vehicle, and sustained serious injuries, while Molly and her older sister Mary went to live with their aunt while he recovered.

"The life that we left was not the same life we were coming back into. It just felt like everything was different.

"And I wanted my aunt to do stuff like my mom. I was like, 'No, my mom cuts the crust like that' … Everything made me mad," she continued.

She also reflected on missing her younger sister growing up as she was learning things that her sister never got to.

"We would learn to do fun stuff, like tie our shoes, and I felt like, 'Katie, my little sister, should be here learning. 'She would have loved this. Katie would have loved doing the rabbits and tying her shoe.' "

The mom-of-two is grateful for the life she has now, despite her difficult past, telling the Times: "I look at life differently, losing my mom, and living beyond years that she ever got to live."

Molly shares daughter Stella and son Nolan with her husband Fritz Chestnut.

The award-winner previously spoke to PEOPLE magazine about the tragedy, saying how appreciative she is of the time she gets to spend with her children.

"I think any amount of time you have on earth with somebody is a good amount of time. Every day of my life, I think, 'Oh my God. I'm alive. She never got to do this. I get to do it and I get to see my daughter apply to colleges this year.'

"I'm seeing them as teenagers now and getting to be their mother and outlive what my mother was able to do. It's profoundly healing, you know? It gives me gratitude," she added.

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