We want the joy back Kate Garraway in tears as she declares Dereks fight goes on

NTAs: 'Finding Derek' wins Best Authored Documentary

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Kate Garraway’s emotional documentary on her husband Derek Draper’s fight with coronavirus has won a National Television Award. Kate Garraway: Finding Derek picked up the prize for Best Authored Documentary on Thursday as Kate revealed “the fight goes on” for Derek in a tearful acceptance speech.

She said: “Thank you so much. It was hugely brave decision for ITV to commission this, they didn’t know what they were making.

“Lucy, arrived at our home not knowing if she was seeing a family in grief or relief – it ended up being something between the two.

“Thank you so much for voting, I wonder if it’s because our story is your story.

We’ve all been touched by the pandemic, whether it is livelihood, mental health, the other extraordinary documentaries have also been affected by the pandemic.”

“To all the Darceys and Billys and Dereks and Derek’s family, whatever you are going though, you are not forgotten,” she continued. 

“We want the joy back, we want it to be over. But if you are still living with the scars, the fight goes on.”

Kate explained her sadness at Derek not being able to accept the award himself. 

“Derek, you’re going to get the chance to tell your story please,” she noted. “The hope is real.”


ITV viewers were thrilled for Kate and took to Twitter to praise the Good Morning Britain host.

One wrote: “I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner! Kate Garraway has gone through so much. So heartbreaking from start to finish #NTAs #NTAwards.”

“@kategarraway #NTAs Congratulations Kate Garraway,” someone else shared.

A third said: “Omg my heart i’m in bits watching @kategarraway win at the #NTAs with #FindingDerek she really is incredible! Well done Kate and very one involved in this show.”

“Awwww congratulations Kate, you so deserve this, it’s been beyond tough. Thanks for being open enough to share your experience with Derek and of course your children @SmoothRadio #NTAs #NTAwards,” a fourth added.

“So so proud of Kate!! She is so incredible and a much deserved winner #NTAs,” a fifth said. 

Another wrote: “In bits watching @kategarraway accept the award for her documentary at the #NTAs – I think the whole country will be. 

“What courage and strength Kate and her family had, what a journey they have been on. Very well deserved.”

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