Walking out the door! UFO expert storms out of interview after intense clash with host

UFO Hunter threatens to ‘walk out’ after clash

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UFO Hunter Tony Topping has clashed angrily with James Whale after taking offence over the radio host’s testing of his alien theories. Mr Topping walked out of the TalkTV radio studio after declaring “I will not have my life’s work mocked by a media presenter.

“I am not happy with the way the interview is going,” remarked Mr Topping.

“I feel you are taking the mick out of me.

“You have been a legend of mine since my childhood,” the UFO hunter told James Whale.

The TalkTV radio presenter hit back: “You have no proof, do you!?”

The pair began talking across each other, with Mr Topping complaining: “What you have done when I walked through this door is you have just not listened.”

“I’ll tell you what is causing me offence and I am being quite serious now.

“That art is my life’s work.

‘I will not have my life’s work mocked by a media presenter.”

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“I am walking out the door,” he threatened.

“You can walk out the door,” replied Whale.

“I couldn’t care less.”

“I am not here to convince you,” Mr Topping snapped.

He added: “Since the interview began with me you have been mocking me.

“You came in with my artwork which I found most offensive.

“You are sticking it up in front of the screen.

“Making a mockery.”


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