Wacky new Channel 4 show will see property hunters HYPNOTISED to find dream home

GIVEN the huge amount of property shows on telly, it’s going to take something out of the ordinary for a new series to stand out.

And the creators of the latest offering have clearly read the memo — with homeowners HYPNOTISED to help them move up the property ladder.

Once in a trance, participants will view their own houses as strangers do for the first time, in the hope that they will figure out what is putting off prospective buyers.

A TV source said: “It’s a crazy idea but it actually works and will make great TV.

“Seeing your own property with fresh eyes is a new concept and can really help sellers struggling to work out why they can’t get a buyer.

“The creators hope it will garner a cult following plus provide a lot of laughs.”

The series is being made by the firm behind Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer's Location, Location, Location and is to be given a primetime slot, with filming set to get under way this winter.

Viewers will see duos meeting a hypnotist before being shown to their front door while under a trance then taken for a tour.

After giving their honest opinions on every aspect of the property, the pair will be woken up before pondering the footage and seeing exactly what they thought of their own homes.

You can understand why such a bizarre twist is needed to give any new property show a fresh feel.

Viewers are currently spoilt for choice, with series including the rebooted Changing Rooms (Channel 4), Flat Out Fabulous (BBC1), Great British Home Restoration (More4), Your Home Made Perfect (BBC iPlayer), Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate (HGTV), Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms With Mark Millar (My5), Masters of Flip (ITVBe) and Escape To The Chateau (More4) currently available to watch or stream across various networks.

That’s enough to put viewers to sleep without hypnotism.

Meldrew diguise

HAVING your own catchphrase is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Veteran actor Richard Wilson, who played grumpy pensioner Victor Meldrew in BBC1 sitcom One Foot In The Grave, has revealed he has sometimes concealed his identity to avoid being heckled with his famous line, “I don’t believe it!”.

He said: “I wear a baseball cap in public because then I get hidden.

“I forget when the weather gets good and I don’t wear my baseball cap – of course people say, ‘I don’t believe it!’.”

Thankfully over time, he has become less irritated by the catchphrase constantly being hurled at him.

Speaking in the latest My Time Capsule podcast, Richard says: “It’s not so much now. If someone says to me, ‘I don’t believe it!’ in the park, it doesn’t worry me.

“I just wave and walk on.”

I wonder what type of wave.

Back for another beasting

SIR David Attenborough will never see a warthog seducing a tiger – unless he tunes in to the new series of daft dating show Sexy Beasts.

The Netflix series is back for a second instalment featuring a new batch of singletons wearing prosthetics to make them look like strange creatures and other characters in order to be judged solely on personality, rather than looks.

Contestants include Dani the Fly, a sales consultant from Beds, who is looking for “a best friend you can bonk” and aims to swat away rivals Sprite and Goat to earn a date with Mummy, a Harvard graduate called Ibukun, who has to choose between the three.

The winner will go on a date with Mummy, minus the prosthetics.

Other contestants include Abby the Shark, a customer assistant from Lincoln, who is looking to woo Dragon.

Dental hygienist Jess, from Cambs, as Frankenstein hopes to find love with Bat, while Marcus the Hedgehog, a boxer from Essex, could be punching above his weight with Gorgon.

The series, narrated by Catastrophe star Rob Delaeney, is released on October 7. Sir David will be counting down the days.

Mel will Starr as dancer

FORMER Spice Girl MEL C received a special message of support from a fellow iconic Scouser ahead of her performance on Dancing With The Stars.

Beatles legend Ringo Starr featured in a specially-created video message for Sporty Spice on Monday’s show, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Mel C is following in the footsteps of ex-bandmate Mel B who wowed audiences on Dancing With… in 2007.

And Ringo’s pep talk should have given her a boost.

He told Mel: “I just wanted to say best of luck tonight and we are both from Liverpool.

“It doesn’t matter where we live, that is where we are both from.”

Gill's got a cob on

GILLIAN ANDERSON is known for roles as varied as FBI agent Dana Scully in The X Files, Margaret Thatcher in The Crown and sex therapist Jean Milburn in Sex Education – but she rarely does anything corny.

But here she is in a plug for Loewe handbags, clutching a bag in one hand – and for reasons best known to the ad’s creative team, a corn cob in the other.

Gillian celebrated her first Emmy in 24 years last week by tucking into a cake shaped like a penis which was given to her by another fashion brand, Chloe.

From porn to corn . . .

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