Upsets me Stacey Solomon admits Joe Swash ‘makes me feel down’ as she dishes on romance

Stacey Solomon admits to feeling 'guilt' after birth of daughter

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Stacey Solomon launched her new series Sort Your Life Out on Thursday evening on BBC One to help guests take back control of their home. Using tips and tricks she has learned over the years, the Loose Women star revealed how contributors could keep their homes tidy and clutter free. However, as she spoke to those she was helping, she got candid about her own struggles at home.

Stacey, 32, admitted her fiancé’s lack of tidiness could often leave her feeling overwhelmed.

She detailed: “My partner could live with mess everywhere and he doesn’t even see it and it actually upsets me to the point where it makes me feel down.

“That sounds ridiculous but I genuinely get teary about it.”

She continued: “I just feel so overwhelmed when things are an absolute mess.”

Stacey previously spoke about why she wanted to be involved with the series.

Following a successful one-off episode, Stacey and a team of experts help families to declutter their homes.

Stacey explained: “When we decided to do Sort Your Life Out, the most incredible feeling was meeting people who just felt really overwhelmed by their homes and they didn’t know where to start.

“To be able to go in there with a team of people and meticulously organise through things it’s a really cathartic feeling.”

Stacey came under fire however as some viewers claimed the series was too similar to Nick Knowles’ show Big House Clear Out.

Viewers took to Titter to compare the two, with Sarah Chettle posting: “Slow and boring. Constantly whooping and group hugs. Bring back Nick Knowles.

“He does it so much better. BBC just copied Ch5. #sortyourlifeout.”

Michael Kelly added: “Someone tell Nick Knowles they’ve stolen his programme #sortyourlifeout.”

Dan Robertapp continued: “So this Stacey Soloman show #sortyourlifeout is basically the BBC’s version of Channel5’s Nick Knowles #bighouseclearout right?! @BBC @channel5_tv.”

“Absolutely dreadful rip off of the channel 5 program with Nick Knowles. BBC – shame on you #sortyourlifeout,” Jeffers posted.

Nick was quick to jump to Stacey’s defence as he threw his support behind the presenter.

Twitter user @fatboyliving posted: “@StaceySolomon appears to be duplicating @MrNickKnowles and throwing rubbish out.

“Who copied who?? #sortyourlifeout.”

Nick shared the comment and added: “There is plenty of room for more than one show about decluttering – neither of these formats is the first in this space – there have been many shows on other channels for years about decluttering.

“Anything that helps people is a good thing & @StaceySolomon is lovely & kind.”

When another fan claimed they were on team Knowles, Nick hit back: “There shouldn’t be teams!

“Anything that helps people is a good thing. There have been decluttering shows for years on many channels that we’ve all seen & @StaceySolomon is lovely with people.

“People can choose or watch both. Imagine if there was more than one cooking format on TV.”

Sort Your Life Out airs Thursday on BBC One at 9pm.

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