Tipping Point fans fume what she playing at as player plays ITV game wrong

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    Tipping Point viewers were left baffled during the latest episode of the ITV gameshow after a happy-go-lucky contestant made a very bizarre decision.

    As Victoria, Jane and Anthoine joined host Ben Shephard to take their turn on the coin machine and win a potential £10k jackpot during Friday's (February 3) show, viewers saw them battle it out to make it to the final.

    The rules of the game allow players to choose a drop zone in the machine and drop their coin into it, allowing them to win the most money.

    Typically players will choose a drop zone that is stacked with coins, as the empty shelves are less likely to deliver cash.

    But after player Jane landed three coins during her round, fans were miffed when she decided to put her coins in drop zone one, despite it being practically empty and other drop zones have loads of coins ready to drop.

    Fans took to Twitter to comment.

    “THERE'S NOTHING LEFT IN ZONE 1! What are you doing?!,” blasting one viewer.

    Another agreed: “DZ1? What’s she playing at??”

    “Why drop 1, how not to play!!” raged a third, as another penned: “Drop Zone 1?????? WHY Jane??”

    Jane did however manage to make it through to the second round with Victoria after Anthoine was unable to keep up with their scores.

    Fans went on to slam the pair however, after they failed to answer almost any questions correctly.

    “How did these two end up in the final round,” asked one viewer.

    “Omg they're not mensa members,” added a second.

    Another chimed in, saying: “Couple of brain boxes on today. I think the jackpot is safe….” while a fourth penned: ”Todays IQ is 10. Between the 3 of them”

    Victoria proved hard to catch in the final round leaving Jane eliminated in the second round.

    Fans have recently been left unimpressed with the "easy" questions on the show as they urged producers to make changes.

    Fans began to blast the questions host Ben Shephard was offering up to the delighted players, dubbing them “far too easy.”

    One viewer even claimed that their three-year-old could have answered one of the questions.

    One question in particular enraged fans of the show as they said it was too simple.

    Ben had asked the players: "which London Street know for politics is named after George Downing?"

    Viewers took to Twitter to comment:

    One blasted: “Just how low-brow are some of these questions?? My three-year old could get them right #TippingPoint.”

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