Tipping Point fans baffled as player gets maths question wrong but makes final

Tipping Point fans were left confused on Wednesday as contestant Jason answered multiple questions wrong and resorted to a tactical pass to make the final.

Host Ben Shephard was back on presenting duty as another new episode of the ITV quiz show aired.

Viewers could not contain their emotions at the sight of Jason ending up it the winning round with £2760, following an epic calculation fail.

Fans were left scratching their heads as Jason answered an "easy" maths question wrong despite proving himself as a strong competitor since the beginning of the episode.

When Ben asked Jason what was the square root of 1000, the contestant lost the cool and collected attitude he had been giving until that moment, and splurged that the answer was “33”.

The number provided by the flustered contestant appeared to be random, as the correct answer was 10, which makes sense because 10 times 3 equals 1000.

People were quick to comment on Jason’s unfortunate math fail as one wrote: “33 1/3 – the cube root of 1000” along with a gif of actor Chris Evans laughing hysterically.

Another person tweeted: "What is the cube root of 1,000?" 33” with a gif of SNL comedians Kristian Wiig and Will Ferrel yelling “Get out!”.

Viewers were also frustrated to see Jason continuously opting for a strategic pass and giving a few wrong answers as a person wrote on Twitter: “Six wrong answers Jason."

The player also consistently pushed the button prior to host Ben finishing reading out the questions before answering them correctly.

Despite people’s opinion, others commented on Jason’s sweet wish to treat his family to a trip to visit other family members in Australia with the money that he had won.

“Hope Jason wins the jackpot he sounds like a good guy,” a person commented.

Fortunately for Jason, he finished the tough final round and walked home with a total of £3,800 pounds.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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