The Yorkshire Vets Peter Wright horrified by dogs traumatic injury Never seen this

The Yorkshire Vet: Bulldog needs treatment after hedgehog sex

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In scenes set to air on Tuesday night’s The Yorkshire Vet, Peter Wright dealt with one of his most unusual cases ever. The 64-year-old had to treat a bulldog called Little Boss who tried to have sex with a hedgehog. He went on to admit that in the 40 years he has been a vet, he had never seen something like this before.

In a first-look clip, Peter is brought in Little Boss by his owner to his new practice Grace Lane Vets in Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire. 

“He’s tried to have sex with a hedgehog,” the owner bluntly explained to Peter.

As the TV personality took the poor dog into one of the medical rooms, he explained to veterinary nurse Steph Gill how the incident unfolded.

The vet began: “We’ve got quite an unusual problem here. This is Little Boss and Little Boss has tried to have sex with a hedgehog.”

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A baffled Steph was left speechless as Peter continued: “I can hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth.”

Steph simply replied: “I’ve never heard anything like that before, what have you been doing?”

“He’s got blood coming from his penis or sheath, so we need to have a look to see what he’s done,” Peter told her.

After inspecting the affected area, Peter was able to treat the dog and he explained to the owner that Little Boss luckily didn’t need an operation.

Although, as a result, he warned the dog needed to be castrated because if he continued to have sex with hedgehogs, it could cause some serious problems.

The vet said: “He’s going to need to be castrated as he’s going to keep doing this and it is going to cause him trouble, he has suffered some trauma.

“In all my years as a vet I’ve never seen anything like this before, it is highly unusual.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Julian Norton had to castrate some llamas who were breaking out of their field to chase the females in Nidderdale.

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Peter, who has been a staple on the Channel 5  series since 2015, has become a firm favourite with fans.

And it’s led to the documentary star being labelled by one or two nicknames by the fandom.

In an interview with Fiona Thompson, chairperson for the RTS Yorkshire Centre, the vet was quizzed about why he gets referred to ironically as Mr Testicle.

“In some of the programmes you get referred to as Mr Testicle,” Fiona laughed.

“I watched one the other day where there were four kittens laid out in a row, in a production line.”


“How did you get that name?” she asked. “Or did you give it to yourself?”

Peter admitted he wasn’t aware of the name until it was pointed out to him about the number of castrations he carries out on animals.

“We often say, technically it isn’t a difficult operation,” he explained. “The hard bit is persuading your patient that it needs to part with them.

“And, certainly when you’re dealing with unruly balls there’s nothing more true than that.”

The Yorkshire Vet airs on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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