The Witcher: Blood Origin cast on ‘relentless’ filming

The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer from Netflix

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The untold history of the Continent has finally come to screens in The Witcher: Blood Origin, set over 1000 years before the events of the original Henry Cavill-starring drama. Now Netflix has introduced fans to a whole new side of the story, caught up with the main cast to hear about their experience filming the series’ biggest battle yet.

Blood Origin’s core seven cast members had to withstand some enormous physical challenges on the set of the new The Witcher prequel.

The series stars Michelle Yeoh as the elven warrior Scian, who joins an unlikely band of heroes to put a stop to the evil empress Merwyn (played by Mirren Mack).

On her journey, she meets two powerful mages, Syndril (Zach Wyatt) and Zacaré (Lizzie Annis), who are connected by a celestial bond.

Although their strengths lie in spell-casting, the two actors still had to exert themselves, as their fight against Chief Druid Balor (Lenny Henry) proved.

“I certainly gave myself fully over to doing my own stunts,” Lizzie recalled. “Sometimes we got a little too enthusiastic. But we had a wonderful time.

“These characters, particularly the seven of us, it’s not just a huge emotional journey, but it’s a huge, huge physical undertaking for them.

“They’re traversing different landscapes, making an epic pilgrimage. So it was definitely a really physically involving experience, but, for me, that helped me give myself over to it in a complete and whole sense.”

“It’s a story about these characters on the road to change the world,” Zach added.

“And in some of the scenes when you’re outside in the woods, whether it’s a massive fight scene, or working with horses, it’s always in the back of your mind that they’re exhausted.

“This journey has taken it out of them, whether it’s physically, mentally or magically, as some of the characters have to go through massive amounts of exertion to use these forces.

“It takes a lot out of them, so whether or not it was a physical thing that’s very tiring. This journey, through to the end of the series, is a really, really strenuous one. They were in it all the time.

“It was very relentless, from a character perspective,” Lizzie agreed. “Which is what makes them so exciting to watch.”

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Also along for the journey are the warriors Meldof (Francesca Mills) and Callan, aka Brother Death (Huw Novelli).

The co-stars revealed they had to ensure they were fighting fit to make sure they made it through The Witcher’s new four-part quest.

“I think delirium comes in at a certain point!” Francesca joked. “You all think, ‘Yeah it’s gonna be great’, then you all get delirious. And the jokes go to the next level.

“But in all seriousness, we knew it would be a physical job. And both of us enjoyed the discipline of training for that. Getting the fitness back up to scratch.”

Huw added: “It was great, and it was such an experience being on location, these fantastic locations.”

“There are some places in England that take your breath away,” Francesca recalled. “You felt like you were in a different country – a different Continent!”

Although some of the heroes sadly didn’t make it to the end of their journey alive, fans are hoping the rest of their stories will continue in another instalment of the hit prequel.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is available to stream on Netflix.

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