The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers: Daryl Dixon star REVEALS big Rick Grimes reunion

Filming for The Walking Dead season 10 began only started a weeks ago, but Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, has already revealed how much he is missing Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln).

With the star exiting halfway through season nine of AMC show, this will be there the first time Norman has been at filming without his co-star Andrew ever.

So, to keep him near and to miss him less, he has revealed he has a miniature version of Rick.

On his Instagram, he posted a photo of himself pointing a picture of Rick propped up on a chair and facing Norman as if they were still there chatting.

Bring Rick back to the show

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The photo was taken in the hair and makeup room from the filmset and Norman captioned the photo: “Rickinmakeup.”

Missing Rick, fans flooded the comments with how much they miss Rick.

One fan replied: “Awww when you can’t live without him.”

Another added: “Awww… I miss Rick. I miss your bromance with Andy more though. Do you still talk on the phone every day ‘like little old ladies’? I hope so. You two are adorable together. Big love to you both.”

A third fan said: “Bring Rick back to the show.”

Another fan went even further and suggested a different reunion: “Is there a chance that Rick and Daryl will reunite in the movies???”

Star Andrew left the show to star in a trilogy of films based on The Walking Dead series.

His return to The Walking Dead series has been left open given that he was not killed off and simply left the communities in a helicopter.

However, a potential crossover to the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead has been suggested after the showrunners teased there will be a big new arrival.

“When we come in in season five it is a couple months later, and we’re going to see how that help mission has been going for our group.”

According to Ian, fans will see that some survivors have gone “to some pretty extreme measures to carry out their goals to help someone in need”.

Ian Goldberg revealed to Entertainment Weekly: “It’s going to take them to an entirely new and strange and dangerous environment that they’ve never been to before.

“It may involve a plane, and we’re going to see the difficulties that their mission presents, but also the internal things that our characters are dealing with that are maybe preventing them from fully living.”

This could introduce Rick’s arrival in the Fear world.

Meanwhile, Jesus star Tom Payne has revealed how the show killed off any chance of an exciting romance.

It was teased in the comic series but his death came too soon for it to happen.

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres on AMC and FOX in October 2019.

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