The Sister fans gobsmacked by Doctor Foster star's dramatic transformation for 'creepy' new ITV role

 VIEWERS of The Sister on ITV have been left gobsmacked by Doctor Foster star’s dramatic transformation for a “creepy” new role.

Fans were stunned to see Bertie Carvel turned into strange character Bob, with some describing him as a mixture of Fagan from Oliver!, Towie’s Pete Wicks, and Captain Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Actor Bertie, 43, plays Bob in ITV’s The Sister – a sinister and creepy character who turns up at protagonist Nathan Redman’s [Russell Tovey] door.

However, fans were gobsmacked to learn Bertie also played suave and clean shaven Simon Foster in BBC One drama Doctor Foster.

One surprised viewer tweeted: “Just realised Bob in #TheSister is the husband from Doctor Foster. He looks so different!”

“HOW creepy is Bob? And OMG ITS DOCTOR FOSTER'S HUSBAND #TheSister," added a second

While another joked: “Simon Foster has really lost it since Jodie Comer dumped him and took the kid #DrFoster #TheSister.”

After weeks of hype and anticipation, the first episode of ITV’s new psychological thriller The Sister began on Monday night.

The show focuses on central character Nathan, played by Years & Years star Russell Tovey, who is surprised by an unwelcome face from the past.

Nathan has spent years trying to atone for his involvement in the death of a young woman, Elise Fox, 10 years before.

The first episode introduced Nathan's creepy mate Bob, who viewers were astounded to discover starred as Simon Foster from the BBC One drama Doctor Foster.

However, while his styling was supposed to be eerie – many were left comparing him to various different characters from fiction and one even said

One wrote: #thesister is Bob doing an impression of "Fagin"?’

“I cannot take Bertie Carvel’s character Bob seriously. He’s like a mix of Fagin from Oliver Twist, Filch from Harry Potter, Pete Wicks from TOWIE & Captain Jack Sparrow #TheSister,” added another.

While a third joked: “No idea what’s going on. And Bob looks like Frank Gallagher and sounds like Gollum! #TheSister”

The Sister is on ITV all this week (October 26-29) at 9pm.

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