The Masked Singer’s Mel B says she ‘struggled to breathe’ in wacky costume

The Masked Singer fans were left absolutely bamboozled after Spice Girls icon Mel B was unveiled as The Seahorse during Saturday night's episode.

As the 45-year-old pop star removed her mask, the nation were left shocked to the core that the iconic singer had become the second person to leave the competition.

However, it would seem that Mel's vocal performance may not have been up to usual form and she admitted in her exit interview that she'd 'struggled to breathe' within her costume.

The star, who made up one fifth of the legendary British girlband, even went as far to say she would have asked for alterations to be made to help her to breathe better, had she have remained on the show.

Mel explained: "Oh, I loved Seahorse. She was so cute. I liked getting into this sweet, cutesy character which is a bit different for me.

"She was so pretty with all the coloured lights and the ruffles.

In spite of loving all of the sparkles, the glitzy lights and the glam appeal, it seems her attire wasn't without it's flaws.

The pop icon said: "The mask was pretty hard to wear because it was quite hard to breathe which makes it even more hard to sing – especially as I was trying to sing in this breathy, girly voice."

When asked about her level input the Wannabe hitmaker confessed that she did have some say but insisted that she'd put her faith in those creating the disguising attire.

The former Celebrity Juice panellist added: "I pretty much put my trust in the costume designers because it's their area of expertise and they know what they are doing.

"Obviously, I suggested little tweaks – for example I had to have high heels.

"The heels were hidden in a wedge but If I’d had my way they would have been even higher.

"And as I was singing the first time in my mask, I was thinking I'd get it tweaked to give me a bit more air but then I got unmasked."

The Seahorse became the second person to be eliminated from the competition, with dance floor groover Sophie Ellis-Bextor also stunning the nation after she had been unmasked last week.

Sophie had managed to completely fool the judges – Rita Ora, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, and Mo Gilligan – who were left collecting their jaws from the floor after she'd revealed herself.

However, this week the judges did have some kind of inkling that Mel could have been hiding behind the mask, with three of the stars even throwing Mel's name into the ring at crunch time.

It was however Mo Gilligan, who sussed Mel's distinct "northern twang" even though she'd tried so hard to disguise her voice.

Masked Singer airs on Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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