‘The Good Doctor’: Lea Continues to Struggle and Things Are Tense Between Park and Morgan

The Good Doctor takes us on a trip overseas. The medical team goes to Guatemala to perform surgeries on people in need. Here’s what happened last time on The Good Doctor.

The doctors pitch in on ‘The Good Doctor’

During The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 19 (titled “Venga”), the team travels to help local people in need of medical care. Claire (Antonia Thomas) has a tough time seeing so many people who need care but who have such advanced disease that they’re not good candidates for surgery. After telling a mother that there’s nothing they can do for her daughter, Claire quickly walks out and starts crying. A doctor sees her and tells her it’s OK.

“This week, you are not just doing surgery,” says the doctor. “You are doing miracles. You’re giving people hope who had none.” Claire mentions that she can’t help the ones they send home to die, but he doctor tells her to just focus on the people they are helping. “Focus on the miracles, or you won’t be able to help any of them,” she says.

This missions project is tough on all the doctors because they have to choose who needs surgery the most. There are many people with health issues, and they can’t help them all.

Things are awkward between Alex Park and Morgan Reznick

Park’s (Will Yun Lee) girlfriend (a pediatric resident at the hospital), drops him off at the airport. She kisses him passionately before he leaves to catch his flight. Morgan (Fiona Gubelman) is jealous when she sees him with another woman. Morgan told him to date other women, but it seems like her advice is backfiring. She’s starting to realize she really cares for Park. Morgan can’t even sit across from him without becoming angry. She wishes he were with her instead of his girlfriend.

Park seems a bit confused by Morgan’s behavior. He also seems to wonder if he made the right decision. It doesn’t look like things are completely over between Park and Morgan.

Lea is having a tough time with the loss of her baby

Lea is struggling to return to her life before losing her baby. She comes along with Shaun (Freddie Highmore) for the Guatemala trip, but it his hard for her not to feel sadness. In one scene, she sees a woman holding a baby, and it reminds her of the one she lost. Lea doesn’t want to distract Shaun from his work, so she doesn’t tell him how she’s been feeling.

Claire sees Lea crying and sitting alone, so she comes over to talk to her. “You know it’s OK to not be OK,” says Claire. Lea tells Claire how tough it has been to move forward. Claire reminds her that she’s not alone and she’s there if she needs her.

Lea decides to tell Shaun how she has been feeling. She also lets him know she plans to return to Hershey, Pennsylvania to be with her parents. Lea’s parents are worried about her and feel it would be best for her to stay with them for a while. Lea agrees It might help to get away. Hopefully, this trip will help Lea heal and move forward.

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