The Fall: How did star really feel about Jamie Dornan sex scenes?

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The Belfast Strangler preyed on women and killed them in their own homes. The crimes were sexually motivated with the murderer getting gratification. However, The Fall also featured some sex and nude scenes including one between killer Paul (played by Jamie Dornan) and his wife Sally Ann Spector (Bronagh Waugh).

However, what was it like to shoot these moments given the dark subject matter of the BBC drama?

In an interview with Cosmopolitan from 2015, Waugh spoke candidly about filming the sex and nude scenes.

She admitted in the lead up to filming those intimate moments she was “really s***ting myself”.

The Northern Irish star had previously worked on Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, where she filmed scenes in her underwear, but the nudity and sex in The Fall were completely different and “nothing” like her previous experiences of shooting.

Waugh said: “I didn’t have to actually fully get my boobs or lady garden out.

“So, we had a tiny little plaster on my lady garden, which really didn’t need to be there, ’cause it was so pointless. And nothing on the boobs.

“You could have pasties if you wanted them, but I’m from the Lena Dunham school of ‘Who gives a f***? But of course when it comes to the day, it’s f***ing terrifying.”

The Unforgotten and Des actress went on to say: “I think it’s the least sexy thing to do, to mechanically simulate sex with another person who is your colleague.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so exciting that you got to.’

“And it’s like, ‘No! No! Where do you work? OK, you work in Walmart. Would you ever ask the guy who sits next to you in Walmart to pretend to have sex with you?’”

She added the publication: “That is the most awkward thing in the world.”

Waugh said The Fall’s creator Allan Cubitt never wanted anything gratuitous in the show either and for any of those scenes to further the plot and given an insight into the characters.

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Interestingly, Waugh revealed a lot of the season two sex scene between Sally Ann and Paul in the barn was cut down considerably.

She said some of the moments which ended up on the cutting room floor had depicted Sally Ann in a “much stronger light”.

There were moments where she seemed to be dominant as she straddled him, but the final edit only showed Paul as the domineering one.

Waugh said she would have liked to have explored this dynamic more because it would have been “really interesting” as she had no idea about his real sexual proclivities.

She explained: “So as an audience member, you watch that feeling very uncomfortable, going like, ‘Oh, god. She has no idea!’

“And there’s actually one bit where I put my hand around his throat.

“I kind of wish that had still been in, because I think that was very provocative. Not provocative, but it was kind of controversial.”

A different cut would have given a very take on the relationship between the couple, but it appears to have been an artistic choice to show Paul as the dominating force in the Spectors’ marriage.

Sadly, things ended terribly for Sally Ann after she was left in a precarious life or death situation in season three following the revelations about her husband.

The Fall seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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