'The Circle' Season 4: Who Is Josh 'Bru' Brubaker? Age, Job, Social Media, and More

Netflix’s reality TV show The Circle Season 4 returns on May 4, 2022, with an entirely new set of contestants. The series features a social media competition where players live alone. However, they communicate through a fictional social media app with other contestants. The Circle Season 4 features Josh ‘Bru’ Brubaker. Here’s everything you need to know about him, including his age, job, social media accounts, and more.

‘The Circle’ Season 4 star Bru his start on TikTok

Josh “Bru” Brubaker might seem familiar to TikTok users, and there’s a good reason. The Circle star Bru initially worked as a radio host in Detroit, and he came up with a game he called The Random Word Game. He started posting his videos to TikTok. Before long, he moved to Los Angeles to work for another radio station. He now hosts a weeknight show on 106.5 The End in Sacramento.

According to his bio on 106.5 The End, “Bru’s radio career started in the tiny town of Bad Axe, Michigan where most of the listeners were farm animals. After gaining experience and a rise to fame on TikTok, he’s become the self-proclaimed ‘CEO of Radio TikTok’ where he’s amassed millions of followers and has been noticed by fellow TikTok stars Jason Derulo and Addison Rae. When he’s not on air, he is brewing his own beer (pun intended), attempting to surf with Diplo, Zooming with Lil Nas X, or trying to cook any food in his air fryer. Bru prides himself on being just a normal guy who gets to connect with amazing people every day through the magic of radio.”

How old is ‘The Circle’ Season 4 star Bru?

Bru is 25 years old, which is close to the average age of the other first seven contestants on The Circle. Originally from Michigan, he now calls West Hollywood home.

Where can you find ‘The Circle’ Season 4 star Bru on social media?

Because The Circle prides itself on being a social media competition, all of the contestants are well-versed in the ways of Instagram, TikTok, and more. You can find Bru on Instagram under the handle @bruontheradio. The radio host’s Instagram features images of his daily life. He also includes photos with his girlfriend, fellow TikTok star and model, Anna Sitar.

We can’t leave out Bru’s TikTok page, which also uses the handle @bruontheradio. His Tiktoks include quick snippets of his time in the studio. He gives fans a peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Does Josh Brubaker choose to go into ‘The Circle’ Season 4 as himself, or is he a catfish?

When the contestants on The Circle Season 4 arrive, they choose whether they want to play the game as their true selves or if they want to choose an alter ego. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages, but Bru decides to enter the game as himself.

He tells the cameras, “If I could describe myself, I’m like a golden retriever. I’m trustworthy, I’m loyal, I’m kind. I’m pretty popular online. I have 3.5 million followers. If I can be popular on social media, I think I can be popular in The Circle.

Only time will tell how far Bru makes it in the competition. The first four episodes of The Circle Season 4 dropped on May 4, with the second batch of four hitting Netflix on May 11.

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