The Chase’s Mark Labbett vents frustration at ‘comedian’ contestant: ‘You crack the jokes

The Chase: Mark Labbett says ‘no chit chat’

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Stand-up comedian and comic book enthusiast Seb appeared on The Chase on Friday and took on Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett in the hopes of pocketing some cash. From the get-go Seb was full of one-liners and cheeky combacks, poking fun at Mark for making “bad jokes” as he offered the ITV contestant a high offer of £36,000 and a low of -£2,000. As Seb continued to make funny remarks, a frustrated Mark eventually hit back, telling him: “You crack the jokes, I’ll answer the questions.”

Seb had told Bradley how much he would love to visit the Great Wall of China, and as Mark appeared to face his questions he made a joke about the destination.

“I spent two weeks at the Great Wall of China, next year I’m going to an Indian restaurant instead.”

Seb shook his head and grimaced at the joke, as Mark continued: “That was straight from the Bradley Walsh joke book.”

“It was not Seb, you know I’m better than that,” the host replied.

As Mark gave Seb a low offer of -£2,000, Bradley remarked: “That will teach you.”

As Seb considered his options, he took the words out of Bradley’s mouth as he commented: “I’ll chat to the team.”

Bradley burst out laughing, commenting: “Absolutely brilliant.”

Making his decision, Seb joked: “I wouldn’t get out of bed for £36,000. You can’t even get a bed for £36,000, can you?

“If it was higher, I’d go for it. I’ll stick with the £6,000 I think.”

“Are you sure?” Bradley asked. The funny contestant replied: “No – let’s do it. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“You better get through mate,” the 61-year-old host laughed. “I don’t want to see you go out.”

As Seb answered his first question wrong, Seb continued to crack wise with Bradley.

However, an irked Mark didn’t see the funny side as he barked: “Please keep cracking the jokes, I’ll just concentrate on answering the questions.”

Seb was able to make it back to his team with £6,000 though, much to Mark’s dismay.

“I knew it, unfortunately, he guessed it,” the Chaser commented. “That’s life.”

Meanwhile, viewers quickly took to Twitter to comment on Seb’s humorous comments.

Barry McWilliams wrote: “Seb was funny #TheChase.”

Twitter user major tuat penned: “This guy’s hilarious #TheChase.”

“Seb is a ssstar #TheChase,” chimed @BoycottQ2. (sic).

Unfortunately for the team, despite earning a promising £20,000, they were no match for Mark during the Final Chase and left with nothing.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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