The Chase’s Bradley Walsh puzzled over Shaun Wallace’s online dating confession

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The Chase celebrity edition saw the usually tough as nails Shaun Wallace show his vulnerable side when he revealed he does online dating to try and meet people.

Presenter Bradley Walsh was taken-aback when the chaser managed to get a question about which online dating was real correct.

With hilarious options like "HiJupiter", barrister Shaun, also known as the Dark Destroyer, surprised the host when he got the answer "OKCupid" correct.

Bradley looked at his colleague quizzically, and Shaun suddenly showed some seriously uncharacteristic vulnerability.

"You got that right…" Bradley observed.

"Yeah, well, I mean I’ve got to try and form relationships somehow," Shaun replied, as the entire audience and celebrity players collectively went "aaaaw".

In response to the chaser’s moment of candour, one fan joked: "Don’t use dating sites so wouldn’t know if they are real or not #TheChase."

Sunday's show featured Olympian Mark Foster, Loose Women and news presenter Charlene White, Paralympian Ade Adepitan and comedian Kevin Eldon on the contestant panel.

Unfortunately, only Mark and Charlene made it to the final chase and were bulldozed by the difficult questions.

With only 10 to beat, Shaun easily climbed over them and stopped them winning the £7,000 in their prize pot for charity.

"Oh dear, oh dear,oh dear. Some of those answers #TheChase," one watcher posted on Twitter.

"10 is poor #thechase," another fan said simply.

While a third was more direct as they declared: "Absolutely c**p #TheChase."

"Well, that was p*** poor – on both sides! #TheChase," a fourth said.

And a fifth guessed the chaser was going easy on the team, saying: "Shaun holding back on answers he knows very well. Antibodies for Immune System. Come on ! #TheChase."

The Chase continues Monday at 5pm on ITV.

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