Teresa Giudice Celebrates Thanksgiving with Her Father Following His Hospitalization While Joe Is in Italy

<p>Teresa Giudice has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.</p>
<p>The&#xA0;<em>Real Housewives of New Jersey</em> star celebrated the annual holiday on Thursday with her father, Giacinto Gorga, who was hospitalized more than a week ago.</p>
<p>In two photos shared to her Instagram Story, Giacinto sits at the head of a dinner table in Teresa&#x2019;s New Jersey home. &#x201C;Thankful for him,&#x201D; she captioned one photo, adding a red heart emoji.</p>
<p>Although her daughters &#x2014; Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10 &#x2014; weren&#x2019;t featured in the images, there were six plate settings at the table, the other five likely for Teresa and her four girls.</p>
<p>After sharing the photo of her father, Teresa posted a Thanksgiving tribute in honor of her daughters. &#x201C;Thankful for my beautiful daughters they put a smile on my face everyday &#x2764;&#xFE0F;&#x201D; she captioned a black-and-white throwback.</p>
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<p>Also on the holiday, Teresa remembered her late mother Antonia, who died in March 2017. Sharing a photo of her mother&#x2019;s grave that was decorated with flowers, Teresa wrote in overlying text, &#x201C;Miss u&#x201D; and &#x201C;Happy Thanksgiving.&#x201D;</p>
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<p>Missing from the festivities was family patriarch Joe Giudice &#x2014; who is currently living in Salerno, Italy as he awaits the decision in his ongoing deportation appeal.</p>
<p>Though he wasn&#x2019;t physically present, Joe, 49, did send love to his family back home on Wednesday, posting a sweet message to his daughters and his wife Teresa, 48, on his new Instagram account.</p>
<p>&#x201C;Teresa and I make beautiful kids,&#x201D; Joe wrote, captioning a video of his wife and children shot during their visit to Italy earlier this month. &#x201C;Love my girls.&#x201D;</p>
<p>Teresa and Joe&#xA0;have been married for 20 years, but have been living apart for nearly four as Joe served out his 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud.</p>
<p>Previously, Teresa served a little over 11 months in prison for the same crimes. She was released on Dec. 23, 2015. Joe began his sentence in March 2016.</p>
<p>In October,&#xA0;a ruling was made that Joe would have to leave the country after he completed his jail sentence.</p>
<p>As Teresa explained in the <em>RHONJ&#xA0;</em>season 10 premiere, Joe was born in Italy and lived there for a year before his parents relocated to America.&#xA0;He never obtained American citizenship&#xA0;and per U.S. law, immigrants can be deported if they are convicted of &#x201C;a crime of moral turpitude&#x201D; or an &#x201C;aggravated felony.&#x201D;</p>
<p>Joe was released from prison in March but was transferred to the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement &#x2014; moving overnight from the low-security prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, he had been living in during his time in incarceration to the high-security Clinton County Correctional Center in Pennsylvania.</p>
<p>He&#xA0;remained there until October, when he moved to Salerno to find work and continue to fight his deportation ruling. Two previous appeals have been denied. The result of the third one is still pending.</p>

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<p>Meanwhile, though Joe and his kids weren&#x2019;t together for Thanksgiving, they will be for Christmas.</p>
<p>Chatting exclusively with PEOPLE after her visit to see Joe in Italy, Teresa said that her four girls are planning on spending Christmas with their father.</p>
<p>&#x201C;They&#x2019;ve never spent Christmas in Italy before,&#x201D; Teresa said. &#x201C;So that&#x2019;ll be nice and different. And there&#x2019;s a lot of family there too, so it&#x2019;d be nice.&#x201D;</p>

<p>Teresa, who said she may make the trip herself if her schedule allows for it, added that her daughters originally wanted to see Joe for Thanksgiving in the Bahamas, but Joe couldn&#x2019;t make the trip.</p>
<p>&#x201C;Joe is getting his passport. I think he&#x2019;s going to get in 10 to 12 days,&#x201D; she explained. &#x201C;I don&#x2019;t think it&#x2019;s going to be in time.&#x201D;</p>
<p>&#x201C;They&#x2019;re like, forget about Thanksgiving,&#x201D; the cookbook author said of her daughters. &#x201C;So I think they want to go out to see him for Christmas.&#x201D;</p>

<p>They weren&#x2019;t the only ones counting down the days. On Nov. 21, Joe shared a video from Salerno showing off the area&#x2019;s extravagant Christmas lights and decorations.</p>
<p>&#x201C;Can&#x2019;t wait till my girls come back to show them Salerno during Christmas &#x2026;&#x201D; he wrote. &#x201C;Look how pretty, girls. Wish you girls were here. I love you.&#x201D;</p>
<p>As for future visits to Italy, Teresa said in a November visit to&#xA0;<em>Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen</em>&#xA0;that she is&#xA0;not opposed to letting her four daughters move to Italy&#xA0;with their father.</p>
<p>&#x201C;Yes, of course,&#x201D; Teresa said simply, answering a fan&#x2019;s question on whether or not she&#x2019;d support her daughters&#x2019; decision to move.</p>
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