Teen Mom Jenelle Evans shows off curves in hot pink bikini with daughter Ensley, 4, after slamming bodyshamers

JENELLE Evans showed off her curves in a hot pink bikini while hanging out in her pool.

The Teen Mom 2 alum, 29, stunned in the skimpy swimwear while going for a dip with her four-year-old daughter Ensley.

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Jenelle wore her dark hair tied back in a topknot and accessorized with aviator sunglasses.

The mother-of-three hugged Ensley in the pool as she told her: "Guess what? I love you. And I will always love you, okay?

"You promise? Forever and ever.

"And you're my best friend right? You Jace and Kaiser you're my best friends alright."

Jenelle has been confidently showing off her figure after previously complaining that her "butt hangs out" of all her bikinis.

"I have lots and lots of bathing suits," the MTV alum said during her daily vlog on her YouTube channel.

She continued: "I don't know which one I'm going to wear because any one I wear, my butt is probably going to be hanging out.

"About a year or two ago, I had a nice body and I had a six-pack. Yeah, now my a** swallows every bathing suit bottom that I have."

She went on: "So I don't know which one to choose because I'm trying to have my butt not be hanging out around kids.

"Well, not kids, but just Ensley. You know, trying to set a good example. But I want my butt tanned at the same time."

Jenelle has been open about her fluctuations in weight in the past.

Back in April, she revealed she was "totally insecure" when she was skinnier several years ago and is "happy" with her weight now.

She hit back after a body-shamer asked on TikTok: "Omg you used to be so thin what happened?"

The former TV star took fans through her struggles with body image over the years, sharing photos from 2015 until 2021.

She said: "Back in 2015 I started gaining weight and also I was being cheated on," she explained of a series of throwback photos.

"And this is when I was feeling totally insecure and feeling like I needed to something about my body or I wouldn't be loved."

Sharing several snaps of herself working out, Jenelle went on: "So I started going to the gym. Like damn, I looked good… but was I happy? No. Was I trying to impress people? Yeah."

She then went through photos of herself looking slim and posing in a bikini on the beach.

"Acting like I was living my best life, but I wasn't happy," the mother of three said.

Earlier that month, Jenelle showed off a series of snaps from her teenage years pre-plastic surgery.

She had a boob job in 2012 and lip fillers in 2016.

She recently shared a video of herself in a purple bikini, in which she hit out at other people's body insecurities.

Jenelle mouthed along to the Kendrick Lamar song Humble that said: "I'm so f**king sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me something natural…"

While singing along to the song, she zoomed in to her belly, acne scars on her chin, and the cellulite on the back of her thighs.

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