Susanna Reid abruptly cut off as GMB guest Johnny Rotten screams 'let me finish' in rant defending Donald Trump

SUSANNA Reid was abruptly cut off by Good Morning Britain guest Johnny Rotten who screamed "let me finish" in rant defending Donald Trump.

The Sex Pistols star – whose real name is John Lydon – joined Susanna and her co-host Piers Morgan to passionately show his support from President Trump ahead of the US election result.

He told the ITV show: "I'm working-class English, it makes complete sense to me to vote for a person who actually talks about my kind of people."

John added: "Trump's not a politician. He's never claimed to be. How unusually, exceptionally wonderful is that for people like me?

"We're bored of your intellectual left-wing ideas. You talk twaddle. Everything you do, you just miss the point, of who the general public are…"

Susanna atempted to interject, telling him: "But John…."

John then moved his face closer to the camera and shouted: "No, let me finish."

It got laughs from Susanna and Piers who later declared it "the interview of the morning".

Refusing to give in, Susanna talked over ranting Johnny. She said: "I was just going to say, what about his rudeness and abnoxious."

Oblivious Johnny continued to shout, yelling: "It does NOTHING for these people. NOTHING."

US president Trump has vowed he "won't stand for" Joe Biden winning in a deadlocked race for the White House after claiming the Democrats are trying to "steal" the election.

The 74-year-old – who is fighting to win a second term – claimed there is a “fraud on the American nation” and that “we did win this election”.

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