Supermarket Sweep viewers livid that ‘overkill’ show is on for a full hour every night – The Sun

SUPERMARKET Sweep may be dripping in nostalgia appeal, but fans of the show aren’t entirely on board with the new format.

While telly favourite Rylan Clark-Neal has been well received as host, some viewers have taken issue with the length and scheduling of the show.

Whereas the original show lasted just 30 minutes, the new show spans a full hour and airs every single weeknight on ITV2.

Most game shows occupy a considerably shorter slot, and fans were quick to point out that producers may have gone OTT with five hours a week of competitive shopping.

One Twitter user exclaimed: “Bloody hell! It's on for an hour… AN HOUR!”

A second pondered: “Feels a bit dragged out, was it originally on for an hour?”

Another tweeter wrote: “Jury's out on the new Supermarket Sweep. They've done a lot of things right but I'm still not convinced it needs to be a full hour.”

While a fourth moaned: “I didn’t mind it, the only thing I hated was the fact it had to be dragged out for an hour, supermarket sweep is half an hour not an hour, period!

A fifth added: “Blimey I didn’t realise Supermarket Sweep is on for an hour every night. That’s far too much, once a week is plenty.”

Maybe Supermarket Sweep needs to mull over the old adage ‘less is more’…

Timings aren’t the only aspect of the show viewers have taken issue with.

Earlier in the week the show sparked a food wastage row when a contestant threw multiple punnets of grapes on the floor before trampling them.

Many urged the show to consider using fake food or at the very least be mindful of destroying food that could otherwise be donated.

However, Rylan explained during a This Morning interview that where appropriate, food from the studio was passed on to food banks.

“For TV purposes we want it to be looking pristine, but there are still three, four, five weeks on that fresh produce so we donate it,” he said.

“All the food is real, we replenish it every three or four days and all of the products that are perishable but still best before they don’t go to waste.”

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