Squid Game: Is policeman Hwang Jun-ho still alive?

Squid Game official trailer from Netflix

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Squid Game is on Netflix now and the TV series has been a huge hit across the globe since it started airing. The South Korean gory thriller follows a group of strangers who risk their lives to win a huge amount of cash. Fans believe police officer Hwang Jun-ho (played by Wi Ha-joon) is still alive after he was shot by his own brother.

Is policeman Hwang Jun-ho still alive in Squid Game?

Squid Game left fans on the edge of their seats as it followed a group of down and outs who were given a last chance to make money.

A total of 456 players had to participate in six games, which were based on childhood activities.

However, they each included a deadly twist as not all players could make it through to the end of the competition.

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) was a chauffeur who joined the game in order to get money to support his daughter.

He ran into police officer Hwang Jun-ho, who developed an interest in the games after his brother went missing.

He was able to come up with a plan alongside Seong to gain access to the games as one of the workers.

The officer then used this undercover disguise to discover more about the origins of the games and their creator.

When he managed to obtain the evidence he needed he was able to make an escape, but The Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) was hot on his tail.

The pair then faced a dramatic stand-off at the edge of a cliff, with the policeman being held at gunpoint.

He managed to get a final shot in, but The Front Man was left standing and Hwang Jun-ho realised he was out of luck.

He asked The Front Man to reveal his identity and was shocked to discover it was in fact his missing brother.

So his identity could not be leaked into the wider world, The Front Man shot the policeman in the shoulder and he fell backwards off the cliff.

Fans are convinced the policeman survived as the shot was not fatal, and they believe he may team up with winner Seong Gi-hun in another season.

Taking to Reddit to discuss the storyline, Resaren said: “I think there’s a pretty big chance the cop is not dead.

“He only got shot in the shoulder and fell from a small enough height they could hand-wave it away (though IRL he prolly would be dead ofc).

“It’s a pretty classic potential plot hook if they pick it up for a second season, which they almost certainly will seeing as it’s breaking every netflix record.” [Sic]

Snowtiger_327 commented: “Everything was super melodramatic, without substance. Examples: The cop discovering corruption sub-plot went nowhere and ended on a confusing note, but ALSO it was his brother at the end. Why was his brother even working for the game creator? It just felt dramatic with no explanation.” [Sic]

Muchomanga said: “What happened to the cop? The masked guy (aka his bro) shoots him in the shoulder then we see him healing his wound and the two of them sitting together. Then we don’t see the cop ever again?” [Sic]

Immaprinnydood responded: “I think they wanted to leave it ambiguous so they could decide what to do with him in season 2, just a guess though.”

On Twitter, seph7 said: “IF there’s squid game s2, im guessing lee byung hun is going to be a regular member of the show? bcs there’s so much to tell about his character and how he got to be the front man, and we still don’t know if the policeman is still alive or not.” [Sic]

Okaydeekay added: “Still in Ep 8 of Squid Game. I’m pretty sure that policeman is still alive and will come back next season. His brother wouldn’t kill him that easily.”

Chenle said: “I think it will have season 2 because of revenge, the story behind how policeman brother end up became a manager of squid game and I think his brother still alive as well.” [Sic]

The series ended with Seong Gi-hun abandoning his trip to America in order to hunt down The Front Man and stop the games.

There is a chance, if the policeman is still alive, he will team up and share his intel with the main character.

The series is yet to be renewed for a second season.

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix now.

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