Spoilers: Evil Geoff makes Elaine disappear as she reveals the truth in Corrie

Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) is a dangerous man to cross – as his ex Elaine (Paula Wilcox) knows full well in Coronation Street. She recently arrived on the Street to reveal that she is Tim’s (Joe Duttine) mum – who Geoff has claimed to his son for all his life is dead.

As Elaine tries to get across the truth that Geoff is a monster and made her life a living hell, like he has done to Yasmeen (Shelley King), Sally (Sally Dynevor) and Alya (Sair Khan) are hopeful that she can help liberate Yasmeen and get Tim to see the truth.

But as Geoff continues to gaslight his son, he argues that Elaine is mad and lying and that Alya has put her up to telling this story.

But as he fears that Elaine will expose the truth about him, he corners her in the ginnel and she is petrified to come face to face with him after all these years.

Ian shared: ‘There is a moment when he sees her in the street for the first time and he realises that it is really her. It absolutely throws him completely, he gets a grip quickly because he is very manipulative and resourceful in that way.


‘It is his anger that fuels him to do something about it. How dare this woman come back and ruin his life. He threatens her and we have to believe that he will stop at nothing to get this woman, this problem, out of his life. She is a real problem she knows the truth and if other people find out it is game over.’

Alya is worried when she then can’t get in touch with Elaine and Geoff sticks to his guns, telling everyone including police that the woman he confronted was a liar. But where has Elaine gone?

And when Sally orders Geoff to finally tell his son the truth, will Tim see the light?

Ian hinted: ‘He has told himself time and time again that it is the truth and what he has told Tim is true.

In the back of his mind he knows it is not true so when it finally hits and we finally find out that he has been lying to Tim all his life and Tim discovers that his whole life is based on a lie it will be a real kick in the gut. Geoff is facing losing the one person he does not want to lose from his life.’

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