‘Spoilers!’ Emmerdale viewers blast ITV as announcer lets slip Meena Jutla plot twist

Emmerdale: Meena brutally murders Ben

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ITV soap fans have been keeping a close eye on Meena Jutla (played by Paige Sandhu) on Emmerdale in recent months. Viewers have long been hoping the villainous nurse will be caught out after killing multiple villagers without arousing suspicion. After Meena held her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) captive for days, viewers thought the serial killer had murdered her. However, ahead of Friday night’s episode, a continuity announcer accidentally let slip some details about the gripping plot line.

Prior to Friday night’s episode of Emmerdale, an ITV announcer teased what events viewers could expect to see unfold.

However, in doing so, they unintentionally revealed a key plot twist in the soap.

They said: “With scenes of violence, can one villager finally come to Manpreet’s rescue now? Here’s Emmerdale on ITV.”

At this point, viewers believed Manpreet was dead after being attacked by her murderous sister Meena.

Earlier in the week, Meena was shown seemingly carrying a body, wrapped in plastic sheeting, preparing to dispose of it.

The villainous nurse even stated it was the body of her sister Manpreet.

Meena had held her sister captive for over a week after Manpreet discovered she was a serial killer.

Since the scenes aired many fans had been trying their best to figure out whether or not Manpreet was really dead.

However, when viewers tuned in on Friday night, the ITV announcer accidentally spoiled the plot twist by seemingly confirming Manpreet was still alive and in need of saving.

As a result, several angry soap fans took to Twitter to complain about the spoiler.

“Pointless avoiding spoilers online when the announcer does it seconds before the show starts #Emmerdale,” @xowildflowerxo fumed.

“So Manpreet isn’t dead? Thanks voice over woman #Emmerdale,” @Dannythecat said.

“The long suffering viewers are at a critical juncture & the damn announcer takes away our suspense #Emmerdale,” @catlady1971 posted.

@DazzaField wrote: “Lol the #ITV announcer casually giving away plot spoilers ahead of #Emmerdale… ‘Can a villager come to Manpreet’s rescue’… So she’s not dead then!?”

The final moments of Friday’s episode confirmed Manpreet was still alive and being held captive.

Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) stumbled into a barn to find Manpreet badly injured and tied up.

However, before the youngster could help Manpreet escape, Meena knocked him unconscious.

“Leave him please, leave him,” Manpreet begged her sister.

However, serial killer Meena shouted her down, before making some threats.

Viewers will have to tune in when Emmerdale returns on Monday to find out Manpreet and Vinny’s fate.

Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV.

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