Sitcom Bottom would be deemed too crude and sexist now, says star Lee Cornes

Lee – who also appeared in Blackadder, Grange Hill and Red Dwarf – insists people are too sensitive for Richie and Eddie’s gags about “birds, boobs and booze” and despite its popularity it would never make it onto the screen.

He said: “Bottom is very crude, very out of kilter with now, which is no criticism of them or now. I thought to myself as a question I asked, ‘Would that be made again in that same way?’ I don’t know.”

Lee insists the gags are lost on the the woke mob because the joke is always on Richie and Eddie because the sexist pair never get the girl and their crazy schemes never come off.

He said: “Richie is an idiot, like Fawlty Towers, the great British characters they are inflated egos, fools who think they are more than they are so they are always knocked down and that’s the joke.

“It’s the joke of Fawlty and it’s the joke of Bottom, he never wins, they never ever win. They are inadequate.

“You know damn well that neither or them are ever going to get their leg over.”

Lee is proud to have been part of Bottom and thinks it’s a shame that there are no comedians making the type of slapstick, physical comedy that Rik and Ade were famous for.

He added: “I think what will always make Bottom unique is the violence, it’s the physical comedy of it.

“Rik is a physical comedian and nobody else is doing it, even it is perceived to be physical comedy, it’s not really. It’s mock violence. And there is very little of that. You can’t repeat it, you can’t top that.

“Don’t think that these stunts were just thrown together, there were stunt coordinators who knew their job inside out and the BBC were the best at it and they were done with as much safety as possible but it was still extremely risky, especially with the stars doing their own stunts.”

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