Sharon makes a big confession to Phil in EastEnders

Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) appears to have decided that the time has come to confess to Phil (Steve McFadden) that she was having an affair with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) – and the baby she is carrying in EastEnders may be his. In a dramatic cliffhanger for the soap, Sharon braced herself to come clean – and you just know that Phil’s reaction is destined to be apocalyptic. But will Sharon go through with it?

With Keanu reeling from Louise’s (Tilly Keeper) revelation that Sharon is pregnant, Keanu demanded to know from Sharon if she was ever planning to tell him. Sharon tried to shut him down, insisting that the baby is Phil’s and if he were to ever find out, then he would never let him near his actual child being carried by Louise.

But for Keanu, this has changed everything and he has decided that he was going to tell the truth. Sharon feared the worst when she found Keanu sitting with Louise and Phil in the living room with a determined look on his face but later on, the family ended up in E20, celebrating the good news of the two imminent arrivals.

However, Keanu was in no mood to celebrate and with the news having reached Karen (Lorraine Stanley), she and her son – along with Sharon – bickered in the corner. Karen tried to stop Keanu from telling Phil anything as she knows Phil is capable of killing him but Sharon took control of the situation when it became clear that Keanu wasn’t about to change his mind.

Deciding that it has to come from her, a tenative Sharon approached Phil at home and he could tell she had something serious on her mind. Telling him that she has something important to tell him, is Sharon about to rip apart the Mitchell family?

And when Keanu is later taken hostage, is Phil to blame?

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