'RHOSLC': Heather Confronts Lisa Over ‘I Don’t Know Her’ Claims

Imagine if Jennifer Lopez decided to confront Mariah Carey over that infamous “I don’t know her” moment. Can’t? Well, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City might get the creative juices flowing, because the show’s very own “I don’t know her” moment is escalating to new heights in episode two, and ET has your exclusive first look.

The ‘Wives are at a group dinner after a day on the ski slopes, and things go downhill fast when Heather Gay decides to confront Lisa Barlow over her claim that she doesn’t remember Heather from college. It’s a bit of a confusing claim, because Lisa says she doesn’t “really remember” Heather, but also says she recalls Heather being a “good time girl” who would break Brigham Young University’s strict honor code.

“Lisa, how can you say, ‘All I know of Heather is that she was the ‘good time girl’ that flashed her boobs?'” Heather asks. “And that was out of love and kindness to tell Ms. Jen [Shah]?”

“You can’t graduate from BYU and have flashed someone,” Heather explains in a confessional. “The story is flattering, but false.”

“You don’t remember me or know me at all, but you remember me flashing?” Heather pushes. “I don’t get it.”

“Keep coming!” Lisa exclaims. “Who’s next?”

Watch the confrontation play out here:

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