RHOP star Robyn Dixon mom-shamed by fiancé Juan as he calls her 'ridiculous' for not waking up early for their kids

REAL Housewives Of Potomac star Robyn Dixon was mom-shamed by her own fiancé, Juan.

Juan called her "ridiculous" for not waking up earlier to better care for their two sons.

The premiere of RHOP saw Robyn tell Juan: "I know you want us as a family to be healthy. I feel the same way. But unfortunately, our kids have been eating Chick Filet every day this week."

Juan replied: "I know I hate it. I hate it. It drives me crazy."

The real housewife admitted: "I know. I'm sorry."

Juan went on: "Wake up. You don't wake up. Ever. You sleep in till 10 o'clock. And then you order them Chick Filet… You want to hear your routine. Sometimes you don't get your day started until 2 pm. That's crazy. That's ridiculous. I don't like that at all… That's a turn-off."

Robyn then said in her confessional: "In all honesty, I've been burnt out… I didn't expect this pandemic to still be going on. The days are meshing together.

"There's nothing really to look forward to. There's nothing to like get dressed for.

"And I can see things getting bad with me and Juan, but I'm just stuck. And when I get overwhelmed, I shut down."

Later in the scene, Juan, a former NBA player, who is now currently the head basketball coach at Coppin State University, told Robyn, "We were talking about, like, having another child. There's no way.

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"Sleeping in at 10 am. I have my two guys, but that little girl would have been a cherry on top. We should have done that a long time ago." 

Robyn admitted in her confessional: "I know Juan wants a baby girl really really bad, and I know that my biological clock is ticking, but not being motivated in my current everyday life. I don't know how I would handle a baby."

The co-parents, who share sons, Corey, 13, and Carter, 11, married in 2005, but then divorced in 2012.

On last year's season finale Juan proposed to Robyn after the two reconciled.

However, they have yet to remarry.

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