RHOP Reunion: Mia Thornton Gets Candid About Blocking Candiace Dillard

In Part 2 of season 6 reunion of the Bravo reality show, the newest cast member is also named ‘Twitter disaster,’ a title which was previously given to Candiace, by Andy Cohen.

AceShowbiz -“The Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton was awarded with a new title in Part 2 of season 6 reunion. The newest cast member was named “Twitter disaster”, a title which was previously given to Candiace Dillard, by Andy Cohen.

“I will say, Mia, to you what I said to Candiace last year, which is you have become a disaster on social media,” Andy told Mia. “I own it,” so Mia replied.

“But you blame your social media manager,” Andy continued. “So do you think your social media strategy is landing for you? Because you’re getting in fights with these guys, you’re getting in fights with [Candiace’s husband] Chris Bassett.”

Mia admitted, “I definitely do think that I was a little bit of a disaster on Twitter. And I will own it and I am going to do better. … So I do have a social media manager, she has access to my account as well” That prompted Candiace to confront Mia, “Did she block me or did you block me?”

“Oh you’re blocked? My bad, I don’t pay attention,” Mia said, adding, “She’s also really close to me and she’s pretty much the same person. We’ve known each other for over 20 years.”

Mia was later asked about her tweets attacking Askale Davis. “So your social media manager wakes up at 7 a.m. to take attacks at Askale?” Wendy Osefo asked. Askale also grilled Mia, asking, “Are you paying them overtime? I would like to know because let me tell you something, Andy. I’m trying to figure out why we got all these tweets about Askale from Mia. Why? Why are you worried about me?”

Andy then weighed in on Mia blasting almost everyone on Twitter. “It’s also your first season as a Housewife. I’ve seen it happen many times before — you get swept up in the moment and you go a little wacky on social media,” he said. Mia then vowed that “it’s not going to happen anymore,” adding, “I won’t give these girls any time of day. I got other things to do.”

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