Really?! And Just Like That sparks uproar with Holocaust joke on Holocaust Memorial Day

Sarah Jessica Parker attends premiere of 'And Just Like That'

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It’s not surprising viewers tuning into And Just Like That were horrified to hear one character say the Holocaust was a hoax as the episode was broadcast on the same day as Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK. The Sex and the City reboot sparked uproar online as Anthony Marentino’s (played by Mario Cantone) date Justin arrived at Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s (Kristin Davis) home for dinner and made an anti-semitic comment.

As the new couple arrived, Charlotte rushed to introduce them to husband Harry (Evan Handler).

“Welcome, welcome so nice to meet you!” Charlotte began.

Anthony introduced them: “Justin, this is Charlotte. Charlotte, Justin.”

Charlotte replied she had to go and help her daughter Lily but insisted: “Come in, come in. I just have to run and take care of one thing really quickly.”

She added to Harry: “Honey could you please make these gentleman some drinks, I just have to deal with something.

“Can you take the Challah out of the oven please, in 10 minutes, listen for the timer.”

As Charlotte went to leave, Justin commented: “Is this a Jewish dinner? You know the Holocaust is a hoax right?”

Horrified, Charlotte’s close friend Anthony told Justin to “get out” as Harry was left staggered by what he’d just heard.

It wasn’t just Jewish couple Harry and Charlotte who were stunned but viewers were also furious the comment was made in an episode broadcast on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Taking to Twitter, Shannon Moody posted: “Eeesh was that #Holocaust line really needed in this week’s episode for #AndJustLikeThat on #HolocaustRemembranceDay of all days! No! And the #cringe count is at what now for the #satc reboot??”

Myra Joloya commented: “Wow. To the writers of #AndJustLikeThat be more insensitive and tone deaf w/that Holocaust joke on today of all days. @hbomax.”

Evan asked: “Did #AndJustLikeThat really make a cheap Holocaust denier joke on Holocaust Remembrance Day?”

Brennan posted: “Did Anthony’s date really have to be a Holocaust denier… on the episode premiering on Holocaust Remembrance Day? #AndJustLikeThat.”

@TheElectroFox shared: “#andjustlikethat Know your f**king audience….A joke about the holocaust on the official memorial day….are you f**king kidding me! #HolocaustRemembranceDay.”

LindsBravo added: “My jaw dropped at Anthony’s date making the Holocaust comment. Came out of nowhere. It just…was not funny at all. #andjustlikethat.”

Ever since And Just Like That dropped, it seems fans have had something new to complain about each week.

Most recently, actress Kristin addressed the criticism of Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) and Che Diaz’s (Sara Ramirez) romance.

Addressing why Che’s comedy set didn’t feature any actual jokes, Kristin told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen it was meant to make viewers think.

She stated: ”You’re going to get me in trouble with Michael Patrick [King].

“You know, I think it’s meant to be more like ‘hmmm’ type comedy, you know, ‘oooh, oh.’”

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