Professor says Covid vaccine to be fast-tracked in just ONE week – but issues dire warning

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Health regulators could turn around the coronavirus vaccine “pretty quickly”, Professor Sir John Bell has revealed. The expert spoke to ITV’s Good Morning Britain about the speed and logistics of transporting the vaccine. This comes after pharmaceutical company Pfizer has said that early data suggests its potential vaccine is “more than 90 percent effective” against COVID-19.

Professor Bell told viewers: “First thing that’s going to happen is this has to be approved by regulators both by the US and here. That, based on the data I’ve seen, should be pretty straight forward.

“They’ll have to look very carefully at the safety profile.

“That will be ready for regulators to look at next week as I understand it.

“The regulators then should turn it around pretty quickly – I would have thought it would take a week at most to give it the nod.”

He continued: “Then it’s really a question of getting the vaccine that’s been produced already and get it out so people can start being vaccinated.

“This vaccine has an issue, that is it has to be transported at a very low temperature of -80 degrees because it’s unstable if it’s transported at any other temperature.

“So that it seems to me is one of the significant issues we’re going to have to overcome.

“But compared to inventing a vaccine, that’s not such a complicated problem.”

The expert added: “I should also say that because this vaccine has been successful, it’s extremely likely the other vaccines that showed the same kind of ability to mount immune responses will also be successful.

“There’s at least two of those that we’ll be able to have a look at some time over the next few weeks.

“One is the Moderna vaccine, the other is the AstraZeneca vaccine. If they play as well then we’ll have two or three vaccines.”

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Boris Johnson has confirmed that the UK has ordered 40 million doses of the vaccine.

However, he added that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is still “in its infancy”.

The Prime Minister outlined the remaining steps left to ready the vaccine.

He said that while one hurdle has been overcome, there are several left.

He also stressed that testing remains central in the fight against the virus.

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