Please Enjoy the Sounds of Hannah Godwin Trying and Failing to Pronounce “Gnocchi”

While the rest of the Bachelor in Paradise cast has been making headlines for breaking up and saying rumors of possible breakups are actually “kind of great,” Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are over here chilling and continuing their sponcon streak. But since life isn’t all sponcon and roses, Hannah has to take a break sometimes. During one of those recent breaks and a behind-the-scenes-type Instagram Story, she showed exactly what goes on when she goes to Trader Joe’s and tries to make an “easy five-ingredient meal.”

While prepping for her kitchen throwdown, Hannah gave her followers a look at all the ingredients she’d be using in the improvised recipe. There was asparagus, spicy chicken sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, an unidentified tub of something (I’m guessing it’s Parmesan), and a bag of cauliflower gnocchi, which she honestly butchered the pronunciation of. Please witness this lovely moment:

Have y’all ever said a word wrong before

As you can tell by Hannah’s response to the person who poked fun at her for calling it “gnosh,” everyone has pronounced a word wrong at least once in their life! (I, for one, manage to say “epi-toe-m” instead of “epitome” every freaking time. Congrats, that will now be stuck in your head forever too!)

And as one Twitter user pointed out, when someone pronounces something wrong, that’s because they learned the word from reading and haven’t heard it out loud! So, like, don’t make people feel bad for not knowing something!

But anyway, if you’re a phonetics fiend and dying to know exactly how to pronounce “gnocchi,” here it is spelled out for ya, according to naw-kee or noh-kee. In Italian, it’s nyawk-kee. Don’t trust the good people over at Here’s a YouTuber who goes by the name of Emma Says saying it several times over the course of a minute:

Glad that’s settled!

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