Phillip Schofield and Holly warned to avoid racy This Morning segments during lockdown

This Morning: Phillip Schofield tells policeman 'stay on topic'

This Morning viewers often watch Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield giggle over inadvertently rude comments and cheeky innuendoes which pop up during risqué segments on the ITV show. However, the pair have reportedly been told to dial down the naughtiness now children are at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The number of children watching breakfast TV shows has risen as parents practice home learning during the third national lockdown. 

However, show bosses are reportedly keen to avoid features that could be deemed inappropriate for younger audiences. 

A TV insider said: “Before lockdown, producers could explore adult themes safe in the knowledge the majority of kids would be in class.

“Now most of them are back home and This Morning doesn’t want to run the risk of upsetting any mums and dads.

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“They aren’t going to avoid important subjects but they will make sure nothing is too explicit.”

Holly and Phillip are known for their humorous outbursts and fans can be assured the presenters won’t be policed too strictly. 

“A live show means that things can happen, such as a slip of the tongue or a saucy innuendo, which often leave Holly and Phillip in fits,” the insider told The Sun. contacted a representative for This Morning for comment. 

In the past, This Morning has tackled a range of risqué subjects including sex positions for over-60s. 

Many ITV viewers will also remember 81-year-old Iris Jones who left Holly and Phillip stunned with her tales of being intimate with her 35-year-old Egyptian partner.

Iris revealed she used a “whole tub of KY jelly” when she shared a bed with her lover for the first time. 

Show bosses are keen to avoid racy segments similar to this while children are at home. 

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Elsewhere, Phillip was forced to step in during a heated debate on coronavirus earlier in the week.

Holly and Phillip were joined by friends Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore who were fined for going for a socially-distanced walk.

Phillip had to diffuse the discussion as the pair clashed with former police officer Norman Brennan. 

“What do you think about the fact there were five of them in an empty car park in the middle of nowhere?” Phillip asked. 

Norman hit back: “Some members of the public are pushing the parameters.

“It’s a free for all. Let’s talk about what this is about, it’s about saving lives. The police are trying to save lives. 

“The reality is this, too many people are becoming social media stars… they are belligerent, rude, oppressive and arrogant and unhelpful…”

Interrupting, Phillip said: “I don’t know… let’s stick on topic here, neither of these ladies are any of those things.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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