Nick murders Natalie in shocking Corrie twist?

Natalie Watkins (Cassie Bradley) has been a thorn in Nick Tilsley’s (Ben Price) side ever since she first set foot on Coronation Street. However, with Natalie set to mysteriously disappear, could the Weatherfield businessman be the person responsible for her vanishing act?

From blackmailing Nick to attempting to seduce David (Jack P Shepherd), Natalie has made no shortage of enemies during her short stint on the cobbles. The young woman is set to disappear in the coming episodes — but David isn’t about to let her abscond, so he does all he can to track her down.

He manages to bribe Natalie’s current address out of Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) after learning she’d previously given her a lift. With Shona (Julia Goulding) at his side, he tracks down the flat, but is left disappointed when Natalie’s flatmate informs them that she’s done a bunk.

Knowing that there’s more to her mysterious disappearance than meets the eye, David begins to grow suspicious of Nick —  contemplating whether or not his brother would be capable of foul play.

Nick has more to lose than most if Natalie were to open her mouth and spill the beans, so has he murdered her to ensure that his secrets remain hidden?

Shona and David don their detective hats and investigate the matter further — but just what will their investigation turn up?

One to watch: Wednesday 12th June at 7:30pm on ITV.

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