Nick Hewer to star in new Channel 4 show DNA Diners – where celebs are related to a mystery member of the public

CHANNEL 4 has come up with some wacky telly concepts recently – but this new one really does take the biscuit.

I can reveal it is making a new show called DNA Diners which will feature celebrities hosting dinner parties for random people, one of whom will be related to them.

And they haven’t been short of possible participants, with stars including comic Joe Pasquale and ex-Countdown host Nick Hewer wanting to take part in the series.

A TV source said: “DNA Diners was commissioned by Channel 4 because it’s such a fun concept and has never been done before.

“The premise is that celebrities will be coming face-to-face with relatives they didn’t even know existed — all while hosting a dinner party.

"Before filming begins in September, each of the stars will have a DNA test and a genealogist will look into their family tree.

"When their family members are found, they’ll be approached to take part in the show.

“The celeb will then host a dinner party for four guests, one of whom could be a cousin or a long-lost aunt or uncle.

“It’s the celeb’s job to ask questions and speak to their guests around the table to see if they can work out who their relative is.

“There has been a great response so far with Joe, Nick and even Ann Widdecombe saying they’d be up for taking part.

“Admittedly, it is a bit of an ‘out-there’ concept but it’s going to be such good fun and should make for amazing telly.”

This could be an absolute car crash but I will give it the benefit of the doubt until I’ve watched the first episode.

I’ve seen more bizarre concepts turn out to be unexpected hits.

Len at a loss on winners

HE’S starring in a new Channel 4 show teaching celebs how to boost their brain power – and it seems Len Goodman could also do with some help in that area.

Len, 77, says he cannot remember the winners of Strictly during his 12-year run as a judge on the BBC dance show and admits he didn’t know many of the celebs who took to the dance floor.

Speaking ahead of the first episode of Can I Improve My Memory? tomorrow at 8pm, Len confessed: “If you ask me to name ten former winners, I couldn’t possibly.”

But at least the show’s duds made an impression.

He added: “You remember Russell Grant and Ann Widdecombe but you don’t remember who won it.

“I suppose it’s to do with the fact that your brain retains things that have made you laugh or made you smile, whereas facts and information just go out the window as soon as it’s over.”

Big boss set for lift off

UNDERCOVER Big Boss is set to air on ITV, after the show switched from Channel 4.

I revealed last month it was coming back after seven years off UK screens, during which it’s become a favourite over in the US.

The show, which was originally called Undercover Boss on C4, sees chief execs of major firms pretend to be ordinary workers on the shop floor to understand what it’s like to work in their companies.

Among the firms that feature will be Wyldecrest Parks, a chain of mobile home parks owned by Alfie Best.

He’s the multimillionaire born into a gyspy family, who recently appeared on Kathy Burke’s Channel 4 documentary, Money Talks.

Other businesses that’ll feature will include removals company Pickfords, car dealership Bristol Street Motors, and Indian takeaway suppliers Euro Foods Group.

Mike Cotton, from the show’s producers Studio Lambert, said: “It’s a fascinating snapshot of modern working Britain and we’re very grateful to the bosses who were brave enough to don a disguise.”

I hope Alfie doesn’t turn up to work in his chopper, it might give the game away.

Charles is dead famous

SEAN BEAN is famous as the Englishman most likely to get killed off in TV shows and movies – but Charles Dance insists he isn’t far behind him.

Along with Sean, he saw his character Tywin Lannister get bumped off in fantasy drama Game Of Thrones, and most recently he was blown up by the IRA when he played Lord Mountbatten in Netflix’s The Crown.

Speaking on the Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner podcast, he said he gets a sense of impending doom every time he starts reading a script.

He said: “My girlfriend, bless her, she says: ‘Do you die?’ and I say: ‘Mmmm, yeah, I’m afraid so!’ I’ve died in almost everything I’ve done.”

He added: “[The Crown] needed somebody to play Mountbatten. I thought: ‘OK, Mountbatten is quite a nice character . . .  pity that he gets blown to pieces.”

Snapped up

CORONATION Street has snapped up Casualty star Amanda Mealing.

The actor – who played Connie Beauchamp in the BBC medical drama – won’t be appearing on camera, though.

Instead, she is going to direct a block of episodes for the ITV soap.

Scarlett so lonely in London

EX-GOGGLEBOX star Scarlett Moffatt has revealed how she struggled after winning ITV’s I’m A Celebrity five years ago.

The County Durham lass, who stars in bizarre new ITV gameshow Apocalypse Wow starting on Friday, was incredibly lonely in London early in her career.

Speaking on the Comfort Eating podcast, Scarlett said: “I’d sit in Camden in the market, knowing people would come up for a chat, and if I wasn’t working I’d just be on my own with my dog. Sad isn’t it?

“I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before.

“To friends and family back home I pretended I was living the dream because I didn’t want them to be worried.

“It’s just not for me, London. I just couldn’t get used to it.”

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