Naga Munchetty makes major gaffe as she mistakes person for a walrus

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BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt certainly had a laugh this morning as they shared a clip of Wally the walrus spotted in Cornwall once again.

While they were talking about Wally appearing to make friends with people out on the water, things took a quick turn as Naga became adamant that she saw a second walrus.

After the clip had ended, Naga and Charlie were back on screen, but the host was adamant that there was a second walrus in the clip.

She said: "Wally is safe, he seems friendly. Did you see? I’m sure there was a little walrus at the end going past the camera. Can we rewind? I think I saw one."

As the clip reappeared on screen, Naga said: "There’s wally trying to get on the boat, just wait for it – there!"

Sure enough, right at the bottom of the screen something appeared in front of the camera – something which very much resembled a blonde person's head.

Charlie quipped: "No that’s a persons head," and in response he heard a defiant "nope" from Naga.

He added: "No really, we can show this many, many times that’s definitely someone’s head with hair. That’s not a walrus."

Naga responded: "That’s not definitely! It could have been your head really."

Charlie requested a poll from viewers to determine whether it was a walrus or a head, but BBC Breakfast is yet to take him up on it.

In a bid to still prove she was correct, she turned to weatherman Matt Taylor, who firmly agreed that it was, in fact, someone's head.

As it came to a close and Matt prepared to move onto the weather, Charlie spotted a dog in the background, quickly chirping: "Hey look, it's an octopus!"

The team erupted in laughter as Naga remained adamant that she had seen a second walrus on the show.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts and sarcasm online, with one user writing: "Naga it's a walrus with a wig. I agree with you!"

Another added: "I'd be fuming if I were Naga as that's clearly another Walrus."

Meanwhile a third user wrote: "I'm disappointed there's no poll yet, hair or walrus!"

BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One weekdays between 6am and 9am.

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