Money Heist season 5 theories: The Professor leaves Lisbon for Alicia in shock betrayal

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The fourth instalment of the popular Spanish season left Netflix subscribers reeling after yet another dramatic finale. With the Professor trapped at gunpoint, have the last moments of Money Heist Part Four teased yet another shocking twist when the series eventually returns? Some fans are convinced the criminal mastermind could fall for his unpredictable foe.

Although the series saw some production delays following the outbreak of coronavirus, fans were overjoyed to hear Money Heist will be returning for a fifth season.

Unfortunately this means the Professor’s (played by Álvaro Morte) masterplan will eventually come to an end.

Production officially began on August 3, and will reveal how the criminal genius escapes from his latest tight spot and finishes the team’s hit on the Bank of Spain.

When fans last left the series, the Professor’s hideout was breached by the pregnant Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), holding him at gunpoint.

While most viewers have assumed the criminal mastermind will find a way to take down Alicia and escape, one fan suggested the season finale could provide the catalyst for an unexpected romantic twist.

They took to Reddit to explain how the Professor could abandon his current girlfriend Raquel/Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) and run off with yet another Police Inspector.

Redditor Tiffy00 posted: “There must be a reason why the writers want to let Professor and Alicia alone without Raquel. I don’t know, maybe because they are the masterminds who are now dueling.”

Despite being positioned as arch nemeses, this viewer suggested there could be some erotic subtext lurking beneath the Professor and Alicia’s feud.

If Alicia doesn’t pull the trigger in the opening moments of Part Five, this theory proposes the first episode of Money Heist’s final instalment could get surprisingly steamy.

They continued: “The Professor could find out he is attracted to Inspectors and Alicia will understand that Professor is not a puppet, dull and someone who wears a mask and glasses, as she has said.”

In the first two seasons of Money Heist, Inspector Raquel Murillo abandons her post in the Police Corps after falling in love with the Professor.

However, this theory suggested Part Five could take an unexpected new direction by revealing the Professor simply has a thing for women in charge and callously dumps Raquel for Alicia.

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Creator Álex Pina is certainly known for pulling some radical twists and turns out the bag, though most fans agreed the Professor is far too loyal to Raquel to pull this kind of stunt.

One viewer responded: “The idea that The Professor might have a kink for Inspectors is hilarious, but I highly doubt she’s going to be another love interest for him.

“He loves Raquel very much, and she seems to still be grieving her husband. Both don’t seem to be each other’s type either.”

Alternatively, popular theories have suggested Alicia could start going into labour in Part Five’s opening minutes, interrupting her stand-off with the Professor.

The fan continued: “If the theories are true and her water breaks, watching The Professor (and Marseille, maybe), two socially awkward dudes who never had any kids, panic and try to deal with it would be so much more entertaining.

As Money Heist builds up to its epic conclusion, it would be a little jarring to throw audiences for a loop with yet another devastating twist.

However, the series has never shied away from shocking reveals before so fans are preparing for some major surprises to come in Part Five.

Money Heist Parts 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix.

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