Max's killer rage at Bobby, big shock for Tiffany and 8 more EastEnders spoilers

There are some huge and jaw dropping shocks in store for some of the residents of Albert Square as the drama in EastEnders kicks off. Max Branning (Jake Wood) is stunned to come face to face with killer Bobby Beale and his reaction is violent.

Meanwhile, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) is equally shocked when he learns that Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) is pregnant and the baby could be his – and he decides it’s time to come clean about the affair while Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) has an unpleasant surprise of her own to contend with.

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Louise tells a stunned Keanu that Sharon is pregnant.
  • Denise tries to sort the tensions between Kush and Martin but it backfires.
  • Bobby is unsettled by the reaction to his return and he struggles.
  • Whitney takes Tiffany bridesmaid shopping.
  • Mick and Linda discover that Ollie’s appointment won’t be for months.
  • Keanu tells Sharon it’s time they came clean about the affair.
  • Bernadette gets a match on a dating app with a girl called Sophia.
  • Billy tells Mariam and Arshad about Habiba and Adam.
  • Max spots Bobby and violently chases after him.
  • Keanu is horrified when he is kidnapped.

Monday 17th June

Phil tries to get everyone to keep Sharon’s pregnancy to themselves as she gives him the cold shoulder. Later, Phil opens up to Mick about the news while Louise can no longer keep it to herself and leaves Keanu stunned with the news.

As Stacey and Kat continue to bicker, Martin tells Kush he can’t spend his birthday with Arthur. Picking up on the tension, Denise tries to get them talking but it backfires. Bobby struggles to settle back in especially as reactions towards him are sour while Whitney takes Tiffany wedding dress shopping.

Mick and Linda learn Ollie’s appointment won’t be for months.

Tuesday 18th June

As Jean is unwell, Stacey reluctantly allows Kat to take Arthur to the park and Kush can’t resist staying when Arthur begs him. When Martin finds out, he and Stacey march over but Kush gives them more than they bargained for.

Tiffany suggests that Bernie does online dating while Keanu confronts Sharon and insists that it’s time they came clean about their affair. Karen discovers Sharon is pregnant while Sharon is stunned to come home to find Phil waiting for her with Keanu and Louise.

Mick tells Linda he wants a private assessment for Ollie while Kathy is concerned about Bobby.

Thursday 20th June

Tiffany is supportive of a hopeful Bernadette when she reveals she has got a match on online dating with a girl called Sophia. Later, as Tiffany hangs out with Keegan, Tiffany is shocked when she recognises a member of a gang.

Max recognises Bobby and chases him back home in a rage. Meanwhile, Louise goes for her scan while Keanu is terrified when he is kidnapped. Stacey tells Kat she is quitting the business. Billy tells Arshad and Mariam about Habiba and Adam.

Friday 21st June

Ben arrives home to find Max towering over a terrified Bobby. After Max leaves, Ben tries to support Bobby but makes things worst. Max confronts Kathy over not telling him about Bobby and later fills Rainie in on what’s going on.

Keegan and Tiffany have a huge argument and Jack sees her troubled while Mariam and Arshad decide to find Habiba a husband. Mo encourages Kush to sort things between Kat and Stacey.

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