Macaulay Culkin is worlds away from Home Alone as he makes American Horror Story debut in season 10 trailer

MACAULAY Culkin could not look any different from the role that made him famous decades ago.

The actor, 40, shot to international stardom when he played Kevin McCallister in the Christmas movie Home Alone (1990) and reprised the role for Home Alone 2 (1992).

Now more than 30 years later Culkin is set to get people talking again as he looks completely different from Kevin in season 10 of American Horror Story: Double Feature.

The series' first trailer shows Culkin's debut playing a character called Mickey in Ryan Murphy's creepy anthology series.

He co-stars alongside recurring stars, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd, Lily Rabe, Francis Conroy and Finn Wittrock.

AHS 10 is split into two parts, the first called Red Tide and is set in an idyllic seaside down with some dark secrets, as seen in the first look trailer.

Red Tide will unleash sea monsters onto the unsuspecting town residents, while the season's second part is called Death Valley set by the sand and will feature aliens.

In the new trailer, Wittrok’s character Harry Gardener and his pregnant partner Doris Gardener (Rabe) move to an ominous looking house in the town so he can focus on his writing.

Harry has severe writer's block and reaches out to some of the shady locals including The Chemist (Angelica Ross), Austin (Peters) and Belle Noir (Conroy).

"There's nothing more addictive than success," Belle Noir warns Harry.

"You've tasted it, now. You're never going to be able to live without it."

Culkin is first spotted in the trailer alongside AHS regular, Leslie Grossman, who plays Ursula.

They are sitting at a table as Ursula tells Mickey, "something weird is going on here. And I want to know what it is," as he looks down mysteriously.

He's later spotted in the trailer inside a house holding some kind of weapon and looks ready to attack – or perhaps defend himself.

The trailer shows Harry unravelling and becoming more consumed with his work as his and Dolores' daughter shows the same obsessive tendencies with her violin.

Things get really creepy when Dolores cuts her finger in the kitchen and Harry stares lustfully at the blood dripping from her hand.

Paulson who rose to fame in the AHS series plays a character named TB Karen.

She's seen in the trailer looking ragged and pale while running away in fear.

While Billie Lourd who plays Lark, is seen to be performing some kind of dental work on Harry.

FX previously confirmed American Horror Story has been renewed through Season 13.

American Horror Story seasons 1-8 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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