Luis Guzmán stars as Gomez Addams in Netflixs Wednesday

Wednesday Addams: Jenna Ortega stars in trailer

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Netflix subscribers have been eagerly awaiting for the start of Wednesday, a follow-up to the story of the disturbed teenager Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) and the rest of her gothic family. Directed by none other than Tim Burton, the comedy-drama will be making its way to the streaming service on Wednesday, November 22, with all eight episodes coming out in one go. As well as the unforgettable family, fans have been obsessed with its cast since the announcement.

In 2021, Netflix revealed who would be joining Ortega as the rest of the Addams Family.

Her mum Morticia is played by the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones and her brother Pugsley by young star Isaac Ordonez.

Wednesday’s dad Gomez Addams, on the other hand, is portrayed by none other than Luis Guzmán.

In his 40-year career, Guzmán has starred in a plethora of well-known shows and films.

Guzmán has featured in the Paul Thomas Anderson films Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Out of Sight, Punch-Drunk and The Limey.

For three years, he starred as Jesse Sallander in the CBS drama Code Black alongside Marcia Gay Harden and Rob Lowe.

He remained in the series for its entire run before it came to an end in 2018.

Guzmán’s most recent appearance was in the Peacock mystery show The Resort earlier this year.

What is Wednesday star Luis Guzmán’s nationality?

Wednesday star Luis Guzmán is a Puerto Rican actor, born in Cayey, Puerto Rico and raised in New York’s Greenwich Village and the surrounding Lower East Side neighbourhood.

His mum Rosa worked at a hospital, while his step-dad Benjamin Cardona was a TV repairman.

Before he shot to fame as an actor, Guzmán graduated from The American University and began his career as a social worker.

His love for the theatrics never faded, though, as he moonlighted as an actor, becoming involved in street theatre and independent films.

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In 2015, Guzmán opened up to Project Enye about growing up Latinx.

He said: “When my parents came here in the 1950s if you are Boricua, you are Boricua there was no mixing.

“I grew up in Lower East Side New York City. I grew up in Lower East Side when it looked like East Berlin.  

“It was hard man, it was hard. Drug dealers were people that we grew up with.

“I got into the acting game as an accident and at the time I spoke to my wife and I said, ‘Hey, is it okay that I do this?’ and she said, ‘Yeah man, follow your heart, go for it’.

“It was really hard because my family means everything to me.

“I have five children and I adopted four of them.

“One of my daughters kind of struggle with, like, ‘Am I black enough, Am I white enough?'”.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet renewed Wednesday for a second season.

But co-creator Alfred Gough did inform Empire that there had been some conversations around its future.

He said: “Miles [Millar, co-creator] and I are talking amongst ourselves about it.

“There’s definitely more that you can explore in the world of the Addamses.”

Wednesday premieres on Wednesday, November 23, on Netflix.

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