Love Island’s Sherif hit by bombshell drugs claims in new hoax messages

Love Island bosses have been forced to deny more sensational claims about why Sherif Lanre was booted out of the villa.

A bombshell new theory has spread across Twitter suggesting that the 20-year-old was asked to leave after he was caught doing drugs.

A fake screenshot meant to show Sherif explaining his exit to a fan over Instagram messages has gone viral.

They claim the Islanders were allowed to go to the beach on Saturday where Sherif bought drugs and took them in the toilet.

'Sherif' goes on to say producers gave him a drug test and he admitted the whole thing.

He supposedly wrote: "I got some coke off a guy and I was doing it in the toilet.

"I suppose they got suspicious of me being in there all the time and they took me for a drug test haha, I knew I was caught so I just admitted it."

But an ITV source has denied the claims, saying the Islanders weren't even at the beach on Saturday.

The fake message comes after bosses were forced to deny another set of fake messages.

Screenshots that were circulated earlier this week suggested the telly star had been axed after having a bust-up with fellow contestant Anton over sexy pharmacist Anna.

The Mirror Online exclusively revealed that Sherif was kicked off the show straight after making a "silly mistake".

According to our TV source, Sherif knew "immediately" that this was a leaving matter. It's unclear whether other Islanders were involved.

However, his mistake wasn't serious enough to warrant police involvement.

Sherif is said to be busy plotting his next career move by hiring a celebrity agent who will help him lift the lid on what happened in the villa.

ITV bosses have reproterdly given him round-the-clock protection to keep him safe on his arrival home.

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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